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Mariah Carey better start wishing for more at Christmas

mariah carey

I grew up absolutely idolizing Mariah Carey. I had every single album on cassette, I knew every word to ever song, I loved her. She was an amazing singer and there was no one else like her. Then she divorced Tommy Mottola and started exploring more than straight pop. I was on board! ‘Shake It Off’ and ‘We Belong Together’ are two of the most amazing songs ever.

However, they still don’t compare to her earlier work – especially ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. Everyone knows and loves that song. Seriously, everyone in the world, even if they hate Christmas or don’t celebrate Christmas or whatever. The song is an earworm and it’s amazing. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Mariah’s live performance of the beloved track on the televised lighting of the tree at Rockefeller Center.

I won’t spoil you too much, but she basically missed every single high note, was all over the place pitch-wise and it was just a hot mess. It wasn’t her worst live performance by far, but oh man, it wasn’t good. Here ya go:

There was also apparently a lot of drama surrounding this performance because Mariah was actually due to pre-tape her performance but turned up three hours late since she was on the phone to her divorce attorney for a long ass time, so network execs sent her home and she eventually decided to wing it and do it live. Props for that, but I can see why they wanted to pre-tape…

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  • I thought her dress was awful!!!!! She needs someone to dress her who has an idea or two to make Ms. Carey look less like a sausage–not to mention getting her cleavage was so droopy.

  • I can understand that living in the spotlight for so many years and going through a public divorce can cause crazy high amounts of stress but girl needs to stay away from the plastic surgeon. Her face is getting Lil Kim-esque. No need for that!

  • Her singing reminded me in a bad way of Whitney Houston trying to sing when she tried to comeback after all her problems.

  • Been there done that…….Had to hit it then quit it!…..Dumb azz hoe startin to look like that
    ugly azz bride of Wild-en-Stein beyotche!