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Sofia Vergara is kind of insane, right?

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No shade – Sofia Vergara is a beautiful woman and it’s great to see her self-confidence. However, there’s a thin line to cross when your love for yourself becomes a little excessive, and I feel like she’s kinda crossed it. Sure, she has a wonderfully effervescent personality and she’s “funny” (I don’t really like Modern Family – I tried, but I so don’t get the big deal), but she also seems to talk a lot of shit in interviews, which is slightly disturbing.

Here’s a bit from her recent interview in SELF:

Inside the issue, the Emmy winner flashes a bright smile as she tells the mag, “I’ll tell you something. I’ve always been known for my boobs, but it pisses me off, because I do also have a great ass!”

Vergara also talks about her smoking hot style selections. “I’m Latin, and in our culture, we dress to pick up guys, or for our boyfriends or husbands, rather than for other girls,” she says. “I’ll prefer to die than wear boyfriend jeans!”

Yes, let’s definitely definitely continue to encourage women to dress up for men instead of doing what makes them feel good for themselves. Sounds like a stellar plan! I get that it’s part of her culture, blah blah, and she’s not saying what everyone should do but rather sharing her own experience, yada yada. But we are inundated with that message – BE AS ATTRACTIVE TO MEN AS POSSIBLE – every fucking day. It’s just exhausting to then hear a celebrity reiterate and re-enforce it.

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  • She is gorgeous, but based on what I have seen her in I totally think she can’t act for shit. She basically plays an exaggerated version of “herself”, and she is the least funny part of modern family.

    I think her whole public personality is just an act. An overplayed one at that. The whole “I dress for boys not other girls” perpetuates dangerous gender stereotypes. Particularly, that if a woman is dressed sexy or provocatively it must be to get sexual attention from men.

  • I hate it when women well into their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond call men “boys”. Only a pre-teen or teenager should call boys “boys”!

  • Maybe it’s just an excuse to dress up, who cares, do it for you, do it for someone else, who cares why! It’s at least nice to see people taking giving a shit about their appearance, I’m sick of seeing people walking around disheveled, wearing sweatpants and stained shirts…. pull your fucking shit together and have a little pride in your appearance. End rant.