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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

Is Rose McGowan channeling Liza Minnelli? Only you can decide.

Is Rose McGowan channeling Liza Minnelli? Only you can decide.

Time once again for best and worst celebrity looks of the weekLast week saw some, shall we say, “interesting” looks. This week, the looks keep on comin’ (and we got some guys looks, too). Go through the photos and make your selections for who has the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week! We couldn’t do it without you guys. I know I couldn’t.

As always, my picks are at the bottom.

Let’s get to the goods!



Here’s Bella Thorne at a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles premiere, hence the shirt. It’s a risky move to wear a t-shirt on the red carpet, but I think she pulled it off so hard she should be arrested for theft. Loving the shoes, too.


Ali Larter looks like she’s wearing a robe and didn’t even get to dry her hair.



Aaand once again, Aubrey Plaza wears something I hate. It’s like she took a Lisa Frank inspired Trapper Keeper and made it into a dress.



Bai Ling doesn’t look totally insane here, so I’m gonna give her props.



WTF is going one with Chloe Grace Moretz‘s top? It’s so bizarre I don’t even know how to properly make fun of it. Cute flats though.



YES, good job, Christina Hendricks. This dress is just smashing on your figure. Would have liked some lighter colors — the stripes and tones make the whole dress seem very heavy — but I’ll take it, and the shoes, please.



Oh how I love you, Daniel Radcliffe. Don’t like the shoes, but I do like the shirt. Sometimes one stripe is all you need.



Well here’s a handsome couple: Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger. Glad they’re still together.



I love when Elisabeth Moss gets it right. The hair is a little too “just got back from the beach and oh shit I have to be somewhere right now?” for me, but I love the dress and heels and I think she looks fab.



What a tame outfit for Eva Green. She usually dresses like she’s going to some fabulous gothic prom none of us are invited to. I’m a little bummed, though I think the blouse is cute.



I just had to throw John Slattery in here because I think he’s so devilishly handsome.



WHAT in the everloving hell is this, Katie Holmes? It’s like some rave version of the phantom of the opera. No thanks.






A very short romper on Kristin Cavallari, but I love it — it seems like something Megan Draper would wear. Good choice in choosing little red booties, too. Or whatever the hell you’d call those shoes.



Maggie Grace. I don’t understand this dress. It’s like part jogging suit, part dress. Like the earrings though. Man, how long has it been since we’ve seen Maggie Grace?



Finally Maggie Gyllenhaal wears something I don’t completely loathe. I’m not completely thrilled either, but this is miles above what she’s been wearing. So, good for her.



I love this on Marion Cotillard EXCEPT those flowers at the top are bugging the shit out of me. Would have been so much better without, and with a statement necklace instead. Such a weird detail. But she still looks stunning, of course.



Megan Fox: hate the dress, love the mermaid hair.



Olivia Palermo appears to be bringing “boho chic” back — are we ready for that? I gotta say though, I covet those shoes. Deeply.



Here’s singer Pixie Lott. I don’t get the dress and I don’t get the shoes and I certainly don’t get them together — it’s like a difficult math question.



Here’s Robert Pattinson clearly not giving a f-ck.



This outfit on Rose McGowan is just bizarre. She’s really reminding me of Liza Minnelli which isn’t a bad thing — for Liza. I doubt Ms. McGowan would appreciate the comparison, and I should really be careful about comparing her to other celebs



With the bold stripes and big circular sunnies, Selena Gomez is really going for the ’60s mod look, and I dig it.



And here we have Taylor Schilling, and I think this look is total perfection. The colors are fab on her and the dress fits like a dream. Hey, guys, maybe PURPLE is the new black! (Ha ha ha ha).

Time to make your picks! Here’s mine:

BEST: Taylor Schilling
WORST: Rose McGowan
WTF: Katie Holmes

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  • Best: Tough choice between Taylor Schilling and Kim Kardashian (as I am loathed to say that).

    Worst: Ali Larter. If Mrs. Roper were younger and sassier…

    WTF: Rose McGowan (when did she turn into a fat, frumpy old lady?) and Olivia Palermo….she looks like Heidi grew up and emigrated from Switzerland to New York. FAIL.

  • best: Selena Gomez (she has the body and age to pull it off!!)
    worst: Robert Pattinson
    wtf: Maggie Gyllenhaal (sorry I cannot get over her bobble head look–she needs to dress better to mitigate that and then eat some damn food!!!)

    and HA HA HA HA Kim K has boobs!!!

  • I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think Bella Thorne is my favorite on this list. At literally ANY other event than this, I would say she was impersonating Avril Lavigne, but as it is, I like it. Pattinson is the worst here. He looks like he really didn’t care, and Aubrey Plaza is WTF for me.