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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

kelly osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is really going for it.

Welcome back to best and worst celebrity looks of the week! We’ve got some celebs at Comic-Con for ya. And we’ve got crop tops galore. And yeah, I still don’t get the crop top trend. Here’s last week’s looks in case you want to get caught up.

As always, go through the photos and make your choices for who has the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week! We’ve got some contenders for all of ’em. And as always, my picks are at the bottom. Have fun!



Anna Paquin joins Kelly Osbourne in the candy-colored hair club. I’m honestly not a huge fan of it, but it could be the way it’s styled. I’m also not getting her biker-chick-with-heels look. Maybe I’m just ~~out of touch~~.



First crop top look comes from Audrina Patridge. Why is this a 2 piece outfit? Yeah, she has great abs, but it would have been so much cuter as a dress. She looks like she Maria Von Trapped a fancy table cloth.



I love this simple and sleek look on Bella Thorne.



Cate Blanchett looks like a waitress at a 1950’s themed diner. I can’t be the only one who sees this.



Like, why even bother wearing a shirt, Chrissy Teigen? I don’t get it.



I’m loving Elizabeth Olsen‘s dress. Would love it more if it was just a hair shorter.



Like it if it were the length of this awesome dress on Elle Fanning. Love everything about this dress.



More cute dresses! Loving this one on Jennifer Morrison. How cute is the bow belt?



Does Jessica Alba ever NOT wear crop tops? I mean, I kind of get it, if I had her abs, I’d probably rock the crop too, but it’s like, it looks like she’s wearing a sports bra. And it’s a shame because I love the skirt. So cool.



Jessica Lowndes. Yup, crop top AND weird zipper alert. I am not digging this look.



Here’s Kelly Osbourne‘s full look. Cute dress! I’m still not entirely onboard with the hair — I love the color but not the style — and the matching lipstick is killing me.



I gotta hand it to Kristin Cavallari — she looks stunning. This dress looks so familiar. Was it worn during Oscar season? Someone help me out here.



And here we have Lady Gaga with Tony Bennett. If you follow Gaga on Instagram, you know how often she brags about hanging out with him. Anyway, there’s nothing about her look that I enjoy. Maybe the earrings. Sorry.



Oh my stars, I actually like Lindsay Lohan‘s dress. I think it’s super cute. Not stoked on anything else.



What is up with Maggie Gyllenhaal‘s outfits lately? It’s like she just doesn’t care anymore.



Here’s Megan Fox in a weirdly turtle-esque dress. I’m sorry but I think it looks tacky and cheap and I hate it. It reminds me of the early ’00s, when everything was spandex and had a weird print.



I like Minnie Driver‘s little dress and I like the heels — but do I like them together? Do you guys?



When does Miranda Kerr not look perfect? I mean, seriously. Jesus.



This is someone named Naike Rivelli. When I Googled her, I was greeted with photos of her breasts. I’m sorry, but I can’t like an outfit that includes formal bike shorts.



I’m just glad Natasha Lyonne looks healthy!



Nicola Peltz looks like she’s wearing a very large Nickelodeon-colored scarf. Love the cat eye makeup though. Love that I can see it from here.



Let’s throw a dude in here: Samuel L. Jackson. I don’t know, isn’t this outfit a little young for him?



Selena Gomez looks like a baby Jennifer Lopez. This might be one of the most ’90s looking outfits I’ve ever seen.



Crop tops just don’t stop with young Hollywood, they frickin love em. This is also a pretty ’90s look on Vanessa Hudgens, and I’m not digging it. Just seems dated and cheesy to me.

TIME TO PICK! Here’s mine:

BEST: Elle Fanning
WORST: Jessica Lowndes
WTF: Naike Rivelli

Your turn!

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  • best: Cate Blanchett (I see the diner point, but I love the dress)
    worst: Minnie Driver (her makeup is UGH and the dress/shoes together just do not work and the dress itself does little for her)
    wtf: Lindsay Lohan (just because as you said Ms St. Ives..the dress is looking good and when is the last time that happened?!?!)

  • I would really like to know how Kelly Osborne ever got associated with fashion. Could everyone please just ignore her, so she will go away? She is about as relevant, and ignorant, as her boss, Joan Rivers. No wonder why those two get along.

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