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Cameron Diaz Swam In The Lady Pond


Cameron Diaz sure is in the news a lot lately. This time, it goes back to her whole “I love women” thing. She went on Watch What Happens Live and host Andy Cohen asked her if she ever “swam in the lady pond”, which he asked Gaga — he’s basically asking Ms. Diaz if she’s bisexual. Here’s what happened, via E!:

“Interesting!” Diaz said, laughing. “What is the lady pond?”

“Have you ever been with a lady?” Cohen asked.

“Yes, I have been with a lady. Yeah,” Diaz said. The TV host then asked, “More than once?”

“You didn’t ask explicitly how I was with a lady,” Diaz told Cohen, “but I have been with a lady.”

The hell is that coy shit about? Either you’ve “been with a lady” or you haven’t. Why so coy, cameron? You’re never shy when telling us about your life. Then again, I suppose this goes beyond admitting you don’t wear deodorant

Also I bet that lady was Paltrow.

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