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Kirsten Dunst Makes More Offensive Comments


Kirsten Dunst was recently in the news for her comments on gender roles, and now she’s back again with more, from a different magazine interview.

She was asked by guest editor Sofia Coppola in W magazine if Dunst had ever gotten unwanted sexual advances from a film director and Dunst responded with (Via Huffington Post):

I don’t give off that vibe. I think that you court that stuff, and to me it’s crossing a boundary that would hinder the trust in your working relationship.

This is an offensive thing to say considering that many actresses have come out with statements of casting couch horror stories, essentially being pressured to have sex for a film role. HuffPo points out that such actresses include Susan SarandonCharlize Theron, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Were they “giving off those vibes”, Kirsten? Were they “courting that stuff”?

What do you think about her statement?

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  • I think she has probably seen some people of both gender courting that stuff. Also, she doesn’t strike me as the type of person who uses her sexuality to get anything, hence her saying she doesn’t give off that vibe.

  • Sounds like she’s treading dangerously close to the equivalent of saying women who are raped are “asking for it.” It depends on who is doing the asking, not the subjects of their desire. I’m sure these are guys (primarily) who are used to getting what they want, regardless of what it is

  • Firstly, rape and advancing your career though sexual initiative are two different things. Don’t lump it into a basket because it’s ignorance offensive to victims of sexual abuse. Secondly we are talking about Hollywood. It’s has and always will be a sleazy business rife with nepotism, blackmail and the “casting couch”. It happens all the time, there are more than enough examples.

    Point: Kristen isn’t a moron and she’s right. She’s just not skirting the bullshit. There are those who are open to it and those who aren’t. Either way it’s the business. Not endorsing it, just acknowledging it.

  • I totally agree with “ila” that she was just referring to Kristen Stewart but didn’t wanna say it out loud..

  • i see nothing wrong with her quote. it’s true a LOT of starlets enter the biz practically ready to suck & fuck their way to the top, and if they’re not ready at first, they’re groomed for it. those with morals and/or real talent can escape those industry clutches. and we’re not talkin’ rape, we’re not talkin’ slut shaming here, it is just a stone cold fact that many willingly acclimate to a really shady lifestyle in order to advance their career faster than working hard & honing their craft. this chick has worked hard throughout the years, and good on her for stayin’ the course. aaaaaand everyone watch Drop Dead Gorgeous – that shit is hilarious.