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Chris Brown may miss his DC court date

Chris Brown Court Appearance

Chris Brown was taken into US Marshal custody last week to begin making his way across the country to DC to stand trial for assault there, which was a sweet, sweet touch of karma. Well, turns out, he might not actually make it to his court date today since there seem to be some travel delays.

Chris Brown learned a lesson this week … what it must have been like travelling across the country by stagecoach … because four days into his journey he is still not in Washington D.C.

TMZ broke the story … Brown was taken from his L.A. County jail cell Thursday by U.S. Marshals for the cross country trip.

We’re told he made several stops along the way and typically when a prisoner lands he is taken to a nearby jail to wait for the next available flight.

Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos will be in a D.C. courtroom Monday trying to get his client’s case dismissed on grounds of grand jury misconduct. It’s unclear if Chris will make it to the hearing.

Brown will stand trial April 17th for allegedly assaulting a man outside a D.C. hotel.

LOL to Brown’s lawyer trying to claim jury misconduct. How about interfering with the witness since Brown wanted to pay him off to drop the charges?

God, I really want this asshole to rot in jail. I know it’s too much to hope for, but I suppose only time will tell…

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  • I understand the disdain for Chris Brown but how about we talk about the DuPont heir who walked away given NO jail time after conviction on child rape charges. The Judge said she didn’t think he could survive it. Now that really deserves disdain.