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LOL: Chris Brown is in the custody of US Marshals

Chris Brown Court Hearing - Los Angeles, CA

Chris Brown has been desperately trying to buy his way out of jail and claiming that he’s being picked on by, you know, being put behind bars for repeatedly violating his parole. However, things have just taken an infinitely more awesome turn, because not only did he NOT get out of jail, but he’s been handed over to the feds to be flown to DC to stand trial for assault. YESSSSSS.

From CNN:

Chris Brown’s trip to face trial in Washington will be on the Justice Department’s “Con Air” prisoner airline, not on a private jet or a first class commercial ticket as the singer hoped.

Brown, 24, was transferred into the custody of federal marshals after an extradition hearing in federal court in Los Angeles on Wednesday, according to U.S. Marshals Service spokewoman Laura Vega.

Brown will be booked on a series of government planes that hopscotch across the country taking inmates from prison to prison, Vega said. The trip, with several layovers in jails along the way, could take up to two weeks, she said.

Unlike Brown’s usual mode of touring the country in luxury, he will be wearing handcuffs and possibly chains on his legs.

This is awesome. Even if he ends up getting off for this – and he probably will, but God I hope not – at least he had to deal with this shit. Is it over-the-top? Maybe. BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH. This idiot needs to realize he’s not above the law. Maybe then he’ll stop being a dickhead, but I think that’s probably a little too ingrained now for him to change that.

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  • Unfortunately for Chris Brown it will be assumed he can survive prison unlike the DuPont heir convicted of child rape and skated home.