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Chris Brown is trying to buy his way out of jail

chris brown

While a judge ruled that Chris Brown needs to stay put behind bars until April 23rd after violating his probation yet again by getting kicked out of rehab, we all know that rules don’t apply to Chris. He is a law unto himself, so while the judge says the outcome of his upcoming DC assault case will determine just how long he’s in jail, he’s willing to fork out some big money to get the victim to recant his story so Chris can roam free.

From TMZ:

Sources connected with the D.C. assault case tell TMZ … Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, has contacted the lawyer for the man who claims Chris assaulted him in D.C., breaking his nose, and offered him a BIG FAT CHECK.

We’re told Geragos is gunning for a civil settlement … which could very well mean the broken nose guy would tell prosecutors he no longer has an interest in pursuing the criminal case.  And our sources say prosecutors are aware of the civil settlement negotiations.

We’re told Geragos may have already sealed the deal but if not … it should be done in a day or 2.

So here’s the likely resolution.  The alleged victim gets a ton of money (our educated guess is several hundred thousand dollars), D.C. prosecutors drop the criminal assault case and the Rihanna judge then lets Chris out of jail either late this week or early next.

Oh, fuck off. The issue here is that we all know that much money can be life-changing, and I doubt the guy Chris assaulted is in any position to turn it down – especially not for the sake of teaching him a lesson when their paths will never cross again. Hell, I would probably take the money, so you can’t fault him for it. But the fact that this is even an option for this shit stain on humanity makes me sick.

Of course, Chris is a habitual offender and will no doubt land himself right back there in no time since he can’t seem to function as a normal member of society that doesn’t attack everything that pleases him (among other things).

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  • Oh come on Jennifer he is ill he was diagnosed Bipolar and has PTSD by what I am sure are very qualified top Doctors cut him some slack. Just Kidding.

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