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Britney’s Dress Almost Fell Off Onstage While Performing In Vegas


Britney is in Vegas, y’all. Miley had a damn good time at her show, and it seems like lots of people are lining up to see Ms. Spears perform. “Perform” is the best way to describe what she’s doing, since it’s pretty clear from the following video that she’s not singing live, even though she said she would.

Also clear in this video, shot by a fan and uploaded to Instagram, is that Britney’s dress is about to fall off her body. The dress becomes unzipped to the bottom and her dancers try and fail to zip it up discreetly, as Brit just stands there and continues to lip sync. Check it out:

Kiiiinda awkward, Brit. Look, stuff like this happens all the time, but it’s made 10x worse by her obvious lip synching.

I’m not a total monster but I think it’s kind of fun to see when live performances go wrong, like when Selena Gomez fell (she was fine) or ended her set early, throwing f-bombs as she left the stage. It’s just a nice little reminder that celebs are human.

But Brit, girl, get it together. From what I’ve seen of this tour, it’s disappointing. Her dancing is pretty bad. It’s like she doesn’t have the confidence to work her own show.

Anyone seen it? Wanna share?

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  • .. “from what I’ve seen ….” What exactly have you seen? Why make a big deal about this This is what performing has come to these days as you said Selena does it Beyoncé does it. It happens at the Super Bowl they all do it.

  • Her dress falling off would be the only thing that would make this show worth seeing.

    And if people would STOP going to lip-synch shows (come on, with all that idiotic dancing going on, are you really that stupid to believe Beyonce, Britney, Madonna, etc. are really “singing”?), and telling the stars that pretend singing does not equate to a concert experience, you just contribute to the problem.