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Miley Cyrus Got Wild at Britney Spears’ First Las Vegas Show

britney spears vegas

I had no idea Britney‘s Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollwood was starting to soon, but indeed it has. Brit took the stage for the first time on Friday night, and who should be in attendance but Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry? There’s no video of Katy – I’m assuming she was slightly less rowdy – but we do have video of Miley getting buck wild and really getting into it.

Well, that was… fun. I wonder if Brit is singing live? I need to go look up some reviews from actual people who don’t work for blogs/magazines to get the real deal on this one. Britney herself seemed to enjoy it, as she tweeted the following after the show:

I dunno, would you pay to go see this, even if just for the nostalgia factor?

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  • Miley wants ALL the attention. Upstaging at it’s finest. Also LOL @ the fake 6 pack make up! Smoke & mirrors, baybay. Lastly, Brit’s still dead in the eyes. Oh MK ultra…

  • The six-pack make up is ridic and so obviously fake, but apart from that, Britney looks great! Who needs photoshop if you look like this. Wow

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