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Miley Cyrus Is Harshing the Lesbian Vibe

miley cyrus

There are lots of sexy ladies in Hollywood that lesbians of the world would be proud of have on their “team”, so to speak. I can think of a few off the top of my head: Kate Winslet, Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Rihanna… but that’s just my personal taste. One person that I don’t think any lady-loving lady has ever felt a quiver in the loins for is Miley Cyrus, and yet… here she is, trying to be “edgy” by making out with one of Britney Spears‘ dancers during that Vegas show she was acting like a fool at the other night.

A fellow concert-goer captioned the above video, which shows Miley “dancing” “sexily” with one of Brit’s dancers before going in for what has to be the fakest, most unattractive kiss I’ve seen in years. She’s trying so hard to seem like she’s a ~free spirit~ and totally wild, and it’s just not working. Plus, why is that a “thing” for girls? Like, you try to be badass by… getting with other women? I just don’t get it. Some of us legit enjoy that shit, and it’s not because we’re in public and know someone is gonna see it and we’re gonna get press attention for it.

But OMG guyz, she wuz like, just t0tally wAsTeD!!! LOLZ!!!

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  • I think I’ve read she’s probably bi? Anyway yeah I totally agree with your last paragraph, it’s such a shame that a legit sexual orientation is being used to look edgy and cool.

  • How do you know she’s ‘trying to be badass’? Maybe she actually likes girls. Maybe she’s not pretending. And she’s acting like a crazy, drunk young kid cause that’s what she is. that’s how my friends and i act when we’re drunk and having fun, and there are no cameras on us.