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Can You Say Benedict Cumberbatch’s Name?

benedict cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch gets teased a lot for his weird name, I guess. Some people can’t say it, some people thinks it’s the name of an STD… you get the drift. Poor Benny just wants to be understood, and it’s all his parents’ fault that he can’t be.

From The Mirror:

“Some people don’t understand my name. Some people think it is an STD, but I don’t think that is what my parents were thinking about when they christened me.”

I mean, it is a pretty wacky name, but it’s also a posh name, so you know, deal with it. You could just be called “Ben”, really, if you wanted to simplify things. I’m sure lots of his friends probably do call him that, because saying a three syllable name all the time would make anyone’s tongue tired. I don’t know what I’m saying, but I do know that I have never had a problem pronouncing the words “Benedict Cumberbatch” and I’m not sure who, in all seriousness, really would if they looked and read it off a piece of paper (save for those with actual learning disabilities).

On a more interesting note, who’s excited for new episodes of Sherlock?

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  • Well, I know I’m going to get haters, so whatever…But, why does anybody think this guy is cute or hot? He’s ugly like a lizard.