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Lea Michele Debuts New Single, ‘Battlefield’

lea michele

Following up her debut single, ‘Cannonball’, Lea Michele has brought out the second cut from her first album, Louder, and this one is called… ‘Battlefield’. What’s up with the war themes, girl? This one is a tinkly piano ballad that does absolutely nothing at all for her or for my ears, but whatever, YMMV. Have a listen:

Lea is pretty excited about it and promo’d it on Twitter on Friday, but I’m just not so sure. I think she’s an amazing singer and Broadway actress, but the whole pop star thing is just not for her. And that’s okay! But let’s just leave this whole solo career alone, shall we?

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  • how very peculiar that they push the hell out of her music right after her actor dude corey dies. what timing indeed. (*ahem* pyramid A in “battlefield”….. . . .)