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Mary-Kate’s Family Urging Her To Get Prenup If She Marries Creepy Boyfriend

photo of olivier sarkozy and mary-kate olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen is dating some creepy-ass dude (Olivier Sarkozy), creepy because of how much older he is than she (17 year age difference) and because of how possessive he looks of her in every photo. It’s been rumored that they’ve been secretly married, or engaged, or are having a “test marriage”, whatever the hell that is. Now apparently Ms. Olsen’s family and friends are urging her to get a $500 million prenup, so it looks like marriage may be in her future after all. From the fabulous National Enquirer (grain of salt, people):

…pint-size Mary-Kate, 27, was spotted shopping for a large engagement ring at the Neil Lane boutique in Los Angeles. She’s said to have her heart set on a huge sparkler.

“All of the rings she looked at are over five car­ats,” a source told a reporter.

Although the bling could set 44-year-old Sarkozy back a staggering $100,000, that’s nothing compared to the gigantic sums that would be protected by a prenup.

Celebrity divorce attorney Raoul Felder told The ENQUIRER: “She’s worth a bundle and he’s got money, too.

“So this would be like two corporations merg­ing – which is Sarkozy’s specialty…”

That’s such a weird way to think about marriage — as two corporations merging — but it also totally makes sense.


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  • Prenup. Of course. She would be a complete idiot not to – especially if she thinks of herself as a corporation. A corporation would protect its assets.

    And, yeah, this has had skeevy written all over it since day one.

  • You should do a ‘caption this’ about that photo. I wonder what he is saying in her ear and what his breath smells like. **shudder**

  • I have a thing for older men… If he’s charismatic and confident looks are secondary, he’ll get my attention just like MK… :) As would George Clooney, Liam Neeson, but those guys are a tiny better looking :)) Prenup in this case is a no brainer.

  • If she is really worth $500 million or she shares in a $500 million business she isn’t an idiot she’ll get the prenup and he shouldn’t have a problem with it. If he does put a boot in his crepy ass and send him packin.