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Justin Bieber Possibly Jokes About Retiring; Fans Threaten To Kill Themselves


Justin Bieber‘s fans are about as bad as he is. Justin Bieber went on Los Angeles’ Power 106 radio to give some boring-ass interview and then dropped this nugget. When asked about a new album, Bieber answered in a slow, quiet voice,

Actually, I’m retiring, man.

It’s hard to tell if he was kidding because it was hard to read his face, since he’s a total douche and was wearing sunglasses indoors. (He’s also a total sunglass-wearing douche outdoors.) Here’s the video:


If he WASN’T kidding and he IS retiring, I think most of the world’s reaction would be something like this:


His fans, however, had a much different reaction. Celebuzz collected some fan reactions from twitter:

if @justinbieber is going to retire, I’ll break my bones and die. Bye.

actually will jump off a cliff if you retire @justinbieber

Don’t leave us @justinbieber .. Don’t retire.. It would brake my heart.. Don’t..

I think we all know one fan who wouldn’t give a damn.

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  • Let him retire, no big loss and if his fans choose to kill themselves over this then maybe they are too stupid to live.

    • You should never joke about how its no loss if anyone kills themselves no matter the reason. It is extremely ignorant.

      • I agree, years back when Caught In The Act split up plenty of girls committed suicide. I was so upset when they tried to reunite years later to make some cash.

      • I said maybe and it’s about as serious as his comment. Kids might not being committing suicide at such a high rate these days if they were taught to not take everything so seriously, I would be dead a thousand times over if I killed myself every time my feelings were hurt. I know, now you wish I would have, saved you the comment.

    • Let him retire…. And if these idgits choose to off themselves, good riddance…’s just Darwinism in all it’s glory folks. And honestly, are these people we want making contributions to the gene pool?

      • Unfortunately, these are EXACTLY the folks who have multiple kids they can’t take care of due to their low-intelligence and lack of common sense.

      • Really?your gonna say who you think should or should not contribute to the gene pool . You are the meanest, nastiest, fucking idiot I’ve ever heard so your diffentley no one to give advice . You had kids and I feel bad for them everyday I read your stupid ass posts. You are no kind of role model for children .

      • Well, seeing as though your parents are brother and sister, I’m thinking maybe they shouldn’t have brought children into this world. And again, you used the word “diffently”……what does that mean? Nice yanking chains with you Julia, I’m betting your kids love the Biebs!

      • Hey jackass it wasn’t me but I’ll take credit because its clear I’m not the only one who thinks your a creep ! I like the anonymous post someone sent to you on the rashida jones post . I think they probably hit the nail on the head ! Who ever that was post your name because your not the only who thinks that ;)

  • Maybe this will actually be true and it will be the Christmas miracle heard around the world. No one deserves to be off of the world stage more than this little shit. Except Kimye.

    But I doubt it.. he loves the attention and money too much.
    Lets all just hope he fades off into oblivion as soon as possible. I don’t condone suicide for anyone retiring, but if they do it, it just makes you wonder at THEIR intelligence and emotional stability..COULD be we will just be losing a few more Jodi Arias’s.

  • Really people life is already too short. These comments just show what type of society we have become. There will always be a new pop idol learn to live your lives to the fullest and become citizens of the world, not just your own selfish little world.