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How Long Before Justin Bieber Gets Arrested?

justin bieber

Just when you think Justin Bieber might be slowing to a stroll on his path to Chris Brown-dom, he pumps the gas and accelerates by doing something incredibly dickish. This time, his entourage was stopped by airport officials in Brisbane, Australia on suspected drug offenses, and when a female customs official asked Bieber to take off his hat and glasses, he refused and then insulted them. Fuuuuuuck this kid so hard.

From TMZ:

Justin Bieber and his entourage were detained at the Brisbane, Australia airport while customs agents looked for drugs … and TMZ has learned they allegedly found weed on one of Justin’s pals.

The Australian Federal Police tell us … a 19-year-old man was detained back on Nov. 24 … but was released after getting a stern warning for using “inappropriate language.”  He reportedly swore at the officers.

Sources connected with the incident tell us Justin was the one with the potty mouth.

The AFP says a security check turned up an unknown amount of pot on a 23-year-old man in Justin’s entourage. The suspect was released, but got a ticket for allegedly importing drugs.

Sources close to Justin tell us the suspect had a disposable vaporizer — basically an electronic device to smoke marijuana — which had residue in it.

Now, I’m not someone who believes that violence can ever solve anything or who wishes bodily harm on anyone else, but all I want is for someone to come stomp this little shit into the ground. Who the hell does he think he is? Can’t wait until his inevitable arrest, because mark my words, it’s coming. Not every country will be accommodating as Australia.

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