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Katy Perry’s X Factor Performance Didn’t Go Over Very Well


Katy Perry sang on the X Factor finale in London and drew mostly bad reviews, based on the Katy Perry and X Factor twitter news feed. When she sang at the American Music Awards, she also drew criticism, for dressing as a Geisha. Lady Gaga came to her defense. This time, she’s getting flack for dressing as, to quote one twitter user, “a giant budgie”, and for singing poorly. Some tweets:

Why did Katy Perry choose to sing such a dirge dressed as a turkey? #XFactorFinal

Katy Perry without her trusty autotune sounds like a cat screaming..

Katy perry sounds awful oh dear

Dermot singing one line as a joke was better than Katy Perry’s whole performance how does that make you feel

The awkward moment when Sam sings better than Katy perry live. #xfactor

Totally going to cancel my Katy Perry Live tickets now.

I imagine the person in charge of selling tickets for Katy Perry’s concerts has just shot themself #xfactor

Katy perry is murdering her own song omg

Yikes! But here’s some positive tweets:

How unbelievably pretty is Katy Perry. Love her

How hot is Katy perry though

she met 5/5 she kissed narry she hugged niall niall said shes his wife 5/5 follow her on twitter but our fandom still loves her

Sadly, there’s more negative tweets than positive ones, and the positive ones are all about how hot she is or how she’s cool with One Direction Fans.

We here at Evil Beet are Katy Perry fans so perhaps we’re biased, though I’ll admit she’s sounded better. What did you think?

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  • That was really bad. Maybe she had a cold or she is just too tired with all the promotion? I know she is a good singer, I have seen other videos of her where she sounds really good.

  • I think my ears just fell off. I never really ‘got’ Katy perry anyways; what’s her appeal? Her music is definitely not my cup of rum and I always feel like she’s trying to cover up her lack of talent with elaborate and somewhat corny outfits. She always sings ‘in that place in her throat’, that place where you should switch to your other voice (don’t know the English term, please forgive). Yeah. So, no.

  • Well that was painful.

    She sounds like she has no idea how to breathe while singing, so she gasps between words and she can’t hit the notes.

    Stick with what you know Katy – auto-tune & looking pretty.

  • I don’t know…I have grown up in a musical family and I don’t think she sounded THAT bad. Some notes were…off a bit. Otherwise, I thought she sounded okay. However, ‘most’ artists today will sound better on CD than they will live.