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Lady Gaga Defends Katy Perry’s AMA Performance


Katy Perry performed her latest single, “Unconditionally” at the AMAs dressed as a Geisha, which caused some controversy. It pissed some people off, basically, who thought she was being culturally insensitive. Well guess who is coming to her defense? None other than Lady Gaga. She doesn’t get what people are freaking out about, in terms of the Geisha wear. She joked in an interview with Carson Daly, via Huffington Post:

Maybe it’s because ‘Unconditionally’ means you’re supposed to love no matter what geishas are paid? I think people are generally too sensitive and they should just leave her be, but you know, I’m not really the person to ask.

Dude, she’s got a point. Except that technically, Geishas aren’t paid to love, but to entertain. So maybe she doesn’t have a point. But I get what she’s getting at.

Okay then. Check out the best, worst, and WTF dressed of this year’s AMAs over here.

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  • I really can’t understand how dressing like different culture is offending to anyone. It’s ridiculous. Is dressing like a pirate offending to pirates? Is dressing as a princess offending to princesses?
    Only time I agree, is when someone dons nazi outfit, or something analogical – not some halloween murdurer thing, but actual homicidal systems attire.

  • So how does everyone lose their shit for Julianne whatshername for donning dark makeup for Halloween, and not this bitch for going full geisha?!?!!

    Agree with comment above.

    Everyone needs to chill the fuck out and worry about something that matters.

  • this is playing into the fetishization of asian women and the misrepresentation of an asian culture? That’s not even traditional geisha costume she just put together something that looked asian
    cultural appropriation is a form of racism – when you adopt the culture of a marginalised group as if it’s a fad or a costume and are able to TAKE IT OFF LATER when people of said marginalised group can be criticized or harassed for the same thing(i.e. bindis) it is WRONG

    writing off POC(people of color) taking offense as “being too sensitive” or “complaining about nothing” is a way of silencing them

    hint: when a POC expresses offense taken LISTEN instead of writing it off as whinging! they can’t shed their skin/culture/ethnicity like Katy Perry shed her costume after her performance