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Susan Sarandon Goes To Award Shows Stoned


Susan Sarandon loves, weed, guys. The actress went on Andy Cohen’s show and was slap-happy over her love of pot. Via People magazine:

When host Andy Cohen asked her to name one major Hollywood event she showed up to stoned, Sarandon replied, “Only one?” and slapped her knee as the two shared a hearty laugh.

“I would say almost all except the Oscars,” she replied.

I would show up stoned, too, but only because I’d probably be too nervous to function without it. One of the many reasons why I’m not a celebrity.

Wonder if she had to be stoned while hosting her Downton Abbey special.

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  • Loves it! Obviously, whatever she’s doing looks great on her. So, did Tim share her love of the hippie lettuce? I don’t know if it makes me like him more or I could see him talking about some kind of deep, aggravating political shit when he’s stoned. It could go either way. My crush on him stemmed mostly from the fact that he’s such a giant. Bringing it back to Sharon, I guess this is why she’s dating a 23 year-old?