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Damian Lewis Is “Sorry” For That Whole “Fruity Actor” Thing


Damian Lewis realized his homophobia was showing (or his handlers did, anyway) when he complained about not wanting to end up like some “fruity, over-the-top” actor like Ian McKellen if he stayed in the theatre. So, in order to salvage his career – which is only sorta so/so level and will sink to nothingness post-Homeland – he’s put out an “apology” which is totally not heartfelt in any way.

“I am hugely embarrassed that comments of mine have been linked in a negative way to Sir Ian McKellen. I have always been, and continue to be, an enormous fan and admirer of Sir Ian’s.

“He’s one of the greats and one of the reasons I became an actor. My comment in The Guardian was a sound bite I’ve been giving since 1999 – it was a generic analogy that was never intended to demean or describe anyone else’s career.

“I have contacted Sir Ian McKellen and have given him my sincerest apologies.”

Sorry bro, but as a straight man, you don’t have the right to call anyone “fruity”. That’s not something that’s okay, especially given that he clearly meant it in a derogatory way. He’s a big strong man, who wants to be FRUITY? Fuck off. Also, he’s been saying that shit since 1999? It was a “generic analogy”? I doubt he’d make a “generic analogy” about how he didn’t want to end up like some “ghetto black person” or any of that bullshit – it’s the same thing.

The best “sincere apology” here would have been his realization that language like that is inappropriate and also hurtful to those who have been bullied or abused throughout their lives because of their sexuality, or even their perceived sexuality. It’s reenforcing the idea that the only way to be a real man is by having no feminine characteristics whatsoever. I realise that in Damian Lewis’ small brain, he probably doesn’t realise any of this, but I sure do, and I’m not feelin’ it.

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  • “Your job” is too slag people all day taking shots a kids who fuck up and you enjoy it waaaaaaaaay to much. He said he was sorry get over yourself Ms Moral Authority.

  • Hell, I never knew Sir Ian was gay…. Guess it never seemed important to me. He’s a brilliant actor, as are the other classically trained Shakespearean stage actors, and seems like a great guy. Btw, Ive called most of my gay friends a “fruit”at some point in our friendship, never bothered them in the least.

  • Anonymous – please, have a seat. This is a GOSSIP site and you’re here reading and commenting, so sit down.

    That said, I’m team McKellan for life. I was completely ambivalent about Lewis before this comment, but he’s kinda gross now. I loved Band of Brothers, but I can’t remember a smash hit that he’s been attached to – maybe he has but he was forgettable? I don’t know. I’ve heard that Homeland has gone to crap in seasons two and three. He should be so lucky to have a career with the longevity and success that Sir Ian has received. And he’s so seriously loveable with Patrick Stewart, their pictures never fail to bring a smile to my face. And Lewis has never done that for me.

    • Take a seat?? when someone apologies and the other person accepts that is the end of it. why is that not enough for 3rd party observers

  • You “tolerant liberals” kill me. He’s allowed to have an opinion. He’s allowed to express it anyway he wants. I NEVER hear this kind of upheaval when say, a TV announcer mentions pissing and shitting in Sarah Palin’s mouth. Oh…right….that’s “different”….tolerant my ass.