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What Do We Think Of Jennifer Lawrence’s Minimal Makeup Dior Ads?


Jennifer Lawrence, everyone’s favorite everything, is the new face of Dior and we’re seeing a new face of hers in Dior’s latest ads that show Ms. Lawrence in minimal makeup and menswear inspired clothing. The first Dior ad was also light on makeup and rather gorgeous. This campaign is a lot moodier and a little more androgynous. What do we think?

I don’t see how anyone could call her “fat” after seeing these.

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  • 1) It’s called “photoshop”.

    2) She had to get in shape for her role. Normally she’s a lot more curvy.

    I’m not complaining. Girls with some meat are sexy. I am saying she doesn’t look like these photos.

  • Stylistically, so Katherine Hepburn, another young woman who marched to her own beat.

    As for “she doesn’t look like that,” that’s preposterous. It’s all make make-believe; acting, modeling, posing. None of it is life, only a simulacrum. That does not make it less of an art. It’s a mirror being held up to life – or a slice of life.

    Unlike Hepburn, who mostly played herself, this little chickadee can disappear into a role not seen since the young Meryl. We can only pray that she finds more roles and scripts which measure up to her talent.

    Obsessive, probably.

    But name another actor in the last half-century and more who had the chops to change the way we think about movie star “celebrity.” Marlon and Marilyn – and James Dean – come to mind. To many, these three, and now four, exist in the rarest of intersections: artifice, talent and bravery. And, of course, extraordinary beauty.

    Lawrence in the current day may be the closest thing we shall see which approximates genius, beauty, and otherworldly likeability. And I love a lot of other fabulous young female actors, like Michelle Williams, and Carrie Mulligan, whose personal attributes incorporate beauty, likeability, and range of talent.

    JLaw backlash…balderdash! Fifty million dollars in earnings at age 23 gives one a lot of options.