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So Awkward: Simon Cowell Sings Power Rangers Theme Song For A Room Full Of People


Simon Cowell is great at critiquing others’ singing voices, but he’s yet to reveal his own. That all changed when he sang “Go Go Power Rangers” for a room full of people. He was a bit flat, honestly, he sounded like a wounded dog stuck in a child’s playpen. (That was me being Simon Cowell.) I mean, it was fine, whatever. So awkward though.

How did this come to be? TMZ explains. Cowell was at a fundraiser when the Power Rangers creator egged him on. What sealed the deal was offering to donate $1 million of Cowell sang the song. He sang it, and TMZ posted the video. Let’s hope this guy actually donates.

Though considering everything Cowell’s been through lately, this is probably one of the lesser awkward things he’s done.

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