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Open Post: Here’s Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Campaign + TGIF!

jennifer lawrence dior

These images have been floating around for the past couple of days, I’m aware (before one of you undoubtedly points out how you saw this on such-and-such site earlier this week), but considering it’s a lovely Friday evening and Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful, does any of that really matter? No, no it doesn’t. Especially since this isn’t really a post about Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior campaign, but rather an “open post” where you can discuss what you like (so long as that’s not, like, mass murder or child pornography or something awful).

What’s everyone up to this weekend? Are there any good movies out? My most exciting piece of news is that I took my air conditioner (window unit) out today and am now living on fresh air alone. Fall is really coming!

That’s all I’ve got, but talk amongst yourselves, etc. I know a lot of you have often referenced the sense of community you felt with each other here, so this is an open forum to do your thing (not that you can’t in other posts, but you get my drift).

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  • Why does she only have on one earring??

    I’ve got a half marathon on sunday, I’m definitely looking forward to the cooler weather. I think I’ve said before that I’m in San Antonio and it is hotter than blazes here. We had 50 days or more of above 100 temps this summer. We’ve been under water restrictions for over a year now, it’s horrible!! Our version of winter/fall are a little different here; I don’t think ive even gotten out a coat in two years.

    • Oh man, a half marathon? That’s AWESOME, and totally to be admired (not to mention the heat element that’s added!). Good luck with it! Let us know how it goes! :)

  • Ok so I don’t want to be a downer on a Friday (or Saturday if your in Australia like I am) but I feel something has to be said about the “links” posts on Evil Beet. I’ve followed Evil Beet for 5+ years now because I enjoy the witty writing and stong female opinions expressed on this site and for ages I liked being linked to other stories on websites like Jesabel or The Frisky that follow along those themes. However these days I can’t understand why you would want to link us to masogonist written, soft core pron websites like Drunken Stepfather, Taxi Driver Movie or Celebrity Jihad that openly objectify women.
    Since this open post was in honour of Jennifer Laurence’s beauty here’s an exert from an article on Celebrity Jihad you linked us to last week:

    “When Islam finally conquers the pathetic US of A a lucky mujahideen will humble Jennifer Lawrence’s breasts when his scimitar lops off these profane swollen baby nozzles.”

    Have I made my point? You’re better than this Evil Beet.

  • My boyfriend and I broke up in an extraordinarly bad way, so I decided, ‘fuckit’ I’m going on vacation to Greece. I leave next month.

    I’m helping my roommate lose weight and get in better shape. So far she’s down 17lbs in 3 weeks (calm down, I have her eating 5 times a day…she just cut out soda and a lot of starches – not carbs, and she’s exercising with me 3x a week). She has a lot to lose, so if you’ve seen The Biggest Loser, you know the bigger you are, you lose big number quickly.

    In other news, a cute little Australian guy has been hitting on me…bad news? He too is Special Forces and knows my ex-boyfriend. Totally fucking random. Absolutely wouldn’t expect anything different from my life.

    • man i feel your pain! I was dumped recently so i booked a skydiving course to make the most of my life. Now I actually have to do it, arghhhh lol.
      Greece is beautiful, have fun.

    • I’m on the same path as your roommate! I’ve lost 10lb in 2 weeks doing keto, and I’m loving it. Totally easy not to get discouraged when you’re eating delicious stuff every day :) It’s also ignited a massive love of cooking for me – trying new recipes in a “healthy” way (replacing flours, sugars, etc) is awesome.

      Ugh, sorry about your break-up, but good decision on the vacation. I’d love to go away! At least the autumn in NYC is one of the best times to be here, so I’m stuck in a pretty place for now, at least! Enjoy and let us know how it goes!

      • She’s doing really well and I’m really impressed by her not giving up at the gym. I have her eating 5 times a day, and cutting back on soda, bread and upping her veggie and good fat intake. That, along with drinking six bottles of water a day has really helped her. Her skin looks so much better and she has so much more energy. I’m really excited for her. She wants to lose 40lbs by the end of October…I totally think she can do it.

  • I’m taking my son clothes shopping today and we’re both terribly excited about it. Since he’s turned 18, he’s really developed a sense of his own fashion. I’m excited because I love to shop and I’m honored that he still appreciates my opinion.

    I have a date tomorrow! Wish me luck! The last one was beyond weird…. ;)

    • That’s awesome – you must be a great parent, as well, for an 18-year-old to still love hanging out with you! :) They tend to get a little “ew, Mom/Dad!” during the teen years, don’t they?

      Good luck on the date! You’ll have to let us know how it goes!

  • I’m currently living in China soooo… Getting used to my new surroundings and being one of the only two white people living in this city.

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