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Britney Was Photoshopped!

britney spears photoshopped work bitch

Britney Spears has talked about how hard it was to be sexy in her brand new music video, “Work Bitch.” It appears that someone gave her a little help in the sexy department. Images surfaced that show the “before” Brit from the music video from HOAX Films, the visual effects team for the video, and were posted on E Online. Yeah, they’re called called “HOAX” but they’re legit. E Online reported that the company said they, “completed sky replacements shots, set extensions and cleanup” for the video.

I hate to be that “that guy” but, leave Britney alone! Although it is fascinating to see these side-by-side and it makes me feel a little better about myself. Although even in the “before” she still looks pretty damn amazing.

britney spears photoshopped work bitch video

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  • Again any reason ppl can use to throw mud at her they’ll try and do it. Either one you are right she looks amazing Funny though the “real” pic is the blurred one makes ya think are either one of these pics the real Brit.

  • Maybe she needs to move super-slow in her dance videos so that they can sufficiently and easily nip and tuck her with the computer