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File Under “Yeah That Happened”: Elton John Tries To Set Up Lady Gaga With Johnny Depp

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Elton John is coming out with a new album (with a song inspired by Lindsay Lohan, I’m sure it will be a real winner) so here comes the publicity. Not sure who leaked this, but let’s file it under, “Yeah That Happened.” Apparently Elton John is trying to set up Lady Gaga with Johnny Depp. This makes no sense because

1. Elton John recently admitted that he has a hard time even getting a hold of Lady Gaga.

2. Lady Gaga is in a relationship with actor Taylor Kinney.

3. Johnny Depp is in a relationship with actress Amber Heard.

4. Why would he care? Yeah, Gaga is his son’s godmother, but it still doesn’t make sense, because of points #2 and #3.

They’re going so far as to say he set up a “surprise blind date” for them. Here’s even more from Entertainmentwise:

A source revealed: “Elton was determined to hook up Johnny and Gaga,” adding: “While the meeting was under the guise of a future musical collaboration, Elton is convinced the two superstars would make an amazing power couple even though they’re both dating other people right now.”

Apparently the duo “bonded over music, flirted a little and basically got to know each other. By the end of the night, they’d already made plans to see each other again. Elton just sat there grinning.”

Such fan fiction. If this happens, I’m sure Ke$ha will be devastated. The only steady relationship Johnny Depp needs to be in is one with a shower.

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