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Taylor Hanson Got Drunk on the Hanson Beer

taylor hanson ed helms

Admittedly, I spent much of 6th and 7th grade scraping together pocket money with my BFF at the time, Melissa, to buy every copy of Teen Beat, BOP and all the other magazines that had Hanson on the cover  – especially Taylor – so we could collect the fold-out posters and plaster our walls with them. We had so many that we literally had to start hanging them on the ceiling. It was a bit of an obsession, admittedly, but then I grew up and assumed they’d fade into oblivion like all good boy bands.

Not so! Hanson is actually STILL MAKING MUSIC, and more than that, they’re now making beer and it’s called Mmmhops. I’m not sure who the market for a Hanson beer is since in their heyday, none of their fans were even old enough to drink at the time. Are Hanson fans from 1997 still Hanson fans today? Is that how this is working?

Anyhoo, Taylor recently admitted that he got drunk as a skunk on Mmmhops and woke up on a rooftop in Los Angeles after meeting Ed Helms the night before. Talk about a Hangover moment – LOLZ.

Here’s how he captioned the above shot:

“Somehow I am here..good morning LAX.@Mmmhopsbeer I blame you..and thank you”

hanson hotel

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  • that also looks more like looking out a window to a pool below than waking up on a rooftop.

    I’m also pretty sure his wording more to imply that he had a rough / late night but he somehow still managed to wake up.