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Taylor Hanson Got Drunk on the Hanson Beer

taylor hanson ed helms

Admittedly, I spent much of 6th and 7th grade scraping together pocket money with my BFF at the time, Melissa, to buy every copy of Teen Beat, BOP and all the other magazines that had Hanson on the cover  – especially Taylor – so we could collect the fold-out posters and plaster our walls with them. We had so many that we literally had to start hanging them on the ceiling. It was a bit of an obsession, admittedly, but then I grew up and assumed they’d fade into oblivion like all good boy bands.

Not so! Hanson is actually STILL MAKING MUSIC, and more than that, they’re now making beer and it’s called Mmmhops. I’m not sure who the market for a Hanson beer is since in their heyday, none of their fans were even old enough to drink at the time. Are Hanson fans from 1997 still Hanson fans today? Is that how this is working?

Anyhoo, Taylor recently admitted that he got drunk as a skunk on Mmmhops and woke up on a rooftop in Los Angeles after meeting Ed Helms the night before. Talk about a Hangover moment – LOLZ.

Here’s how he captioned the above shot:

“Somehow I am here..good morning LAX.@Mmmhopsbeer I blame you..and thank you”

hanson hotel

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Would You Buy A Beer Made by Hanson?

A photo of Isaac Hanson, Zac Hanson, and Taylor Hanson

Yes, that Hanson. Those beautiful brothers who starred in the dreams of your awkward, hormonal 12-year-old self. Crooners of such classic hits as “MMMBop” and “I Will Come to You,” and many other lovely songs that I still know by heart but refuse to mention because I don’t want to seem like more of a nerd than I already do (but you guys do you remember “Lucy”? Ooooh, or “Yearbook,” do you remember that one? Can we start talking about old Hanson music, please?).

Anyway, it is that undeniably wonderful musical group, Hanson, that is (maybe) releasing their own brand of beer:

According to reports, Zac made the announcement during an event at Oxford University this week … telling the crowd, “We are soon going to be selling our own beer … I’m not joking – MMMhop IPA anyone?”

Hard to tell how serious they are about the announcement – but we’ve got a call into Hanson’s people … so, we’ll let ya know.

Oh, please.  Please, Hanson brothers, do this for us so that the door will be opened for things like Backstreet Boy wine (like Boone’s Farm without all the elegance) or Menudo malt liquor. Maybe even a Spice Girls wine cooler! It can all be possible, Hanson, if you just do me this one solid. THINK OF THE FANS!

Hanson Concert Causes A Riot. In 2010.

A photo of Hanson

Ok, to be fair, it was a concert featuring Hanson and Drake, so there were probably a few more people there to see Drake, but still, Hanson fans had to contribute at least a little bit.  I know I’d get scrappy to have the chance to touch Taylor Hanson.

The concert was a free, outdoor deal in New York, and the trouble started when the venue attracted about 10,000 more people than expected.  Tension increased when fans started realizing that Drake wouldn’t start playing for a while (they’d have to sit through the opening band and then Hanson before Drake would start his set), and things quickly got out of control from there.  Fans were starting fights and breaking equipment, and audience members on the second floor started throwing things like metal chairs on the audience below.  Just a few minutes into the first band’s set, the venue management and the NYPD decided to cancel the concert.  Police went into the crowd with mace and helicopters flew overhead to break up the crowd. When everything was over, seven people were treated for minor injuries and two people were arrested:  one for bottle-throwing, the other for obstruction.

I think the best part of all of this is the group of sheltered women in their early twenties, huddled together in their Hanson t-shirts, quietly sobbing over their crushed dreams and trying to summon hope and strength by singing “I Will Come to You.”  Not that this was reported or anything, but come on, it’s a Hanson concert in 2010.