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Taylor Hanson

Taylor Hanson Got Drunk on the Hanson Beer

taylor hanson ed helms

Admittedly, I spent much of 6th and 7th grade scraping together pocket money with my BFF at the time, Melissa, to buy every copy of Teen Beat, BOP and all the other magazines that had Hanson on the cover  – especially Taylor – so we could collect the fold-out posters and plaster our walls with them. We had so many that we literally had to start hanging them on the ceiling. It was a bit of an obsession, admittedly, but then I grew up and assumed they’d fade into oblivion like all good boy bands.

Not so! Hanson is actually STILL MAKING MUSIC, and more than that, they’re now making beer and it’s called Mmmhops. I’m not sure who the market for a Hanson beer is since in their heyday, none of their fans were even old enough to drink at the time. Are Hanson fans from 1997 still Hanson fans today? Is that how this is working?

Anyhoo, Taylor recently admitted that he got drunk as a skunk on Mmmhops and woke up on a rooftop in Los Angeles after meeting Ed Helms the night before. Talk about a Hangover moment – LOLZ.

Here’s how he captioned the above shot:

“Somehow I am here..good morning LAX.@Mmmhopsbeer I blame you..and thank you”

hanson hotel

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Kat Dennings Loves Hanson

photo of taylor hanson and kat dennings pictures
From Contact Music:

Actress Kat Dennings has ticked off a major item on her bucket list after appearing in a Hanson video.
The Thor star has been a huge fan of the sibling trio since she was seven and she could not believe her luck when the brothers asked her to be in their latest promo.

She says, “They’re the best… I messaged them on Twitter, playing it very, very cool, like, ‘Oh, whatever, not a big deal, I don’t care, but hi, my name’s Kat, I love you…’ and Taylor Hanson messaged me back.

“Before I knew it I was having dinner with Hanson, which was surreal and unbelievable.”

Dennings shot the video with Twilight star Nikki Reed earlier this month (Jan13).

Guys. How cool is this? I mean, not that Kat Dennings begged her way into was asked to do a Hanson video, but that she used to be a fan of Hanson back in the day and she got the opportunity to chill with them? I know that when I was a young lass, I loved Hanson. I was that silly little fangirl who’d cry anytime they were on the Rosie O’Donnell show, because I was enamored and adoring and obsessed pathetic, and it was such a good, good time in my life.

Incidentally, Isaac Hanson (AKA the funny-looking one) was my most favorite of all. The rest of them I couldn’t give a shit less about, really, but I pretended they were cool because my two best friends were, respectively, obsessed with Zac and Taylor. Got to keep things real, guys. Always got to keep it real.

Good on you, Kat Dennings!

Nicky Hilton Makes a Citizen’s Arrest!


Don’t mess with Nicky Hilton!

After being pushed to the ground by a homeless person at a West Hollywood IHOP at 5 a.m. Saturday morning, the heiress made a citizen’s arrest, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore confirms to

“One of our deputies was at the IHOP, having a coffee break, and noticed a waitress run outside because there was a commotion,” Whitmore tells Us. Another deputy was then called “because there was a misdemeanor battery that involved Nicky Hilton and a man named Michael Broadhurst,” adds the spokesman.

The 50-year-old homeless person “came up behind Ms. Hilton and pushed her. She’s OK, but she was desirous of prosecution. She said, ‘I am placing you under citizen’s arrest!’”

Whitmore says it was a dual effort by both Hilton and the two deputies to arrest Broadhurst, who will appear in court April 21 …

“It is my understanding that she is OK,” Whitmore tells Us. “A battery is just an unwanted touching.

I have three things to say here:

1) What was Nicky doing at a WeHo IHOP at 5 am?
2) How does one actually make a citizens arrest?
3) Have you guys seen the photoshopped pic of Taylor Hanson sucking a cock? It’s making its way around the Internet, and it HILARIOUS. Also it is way more interesting than this stupid Nicky Hilton story. Check it out here.

Taylor Hanson and His Wife Are Expecting Their Fourth Child

Holy fucking hell.

The middle Hanson kiddo and his wife, Natalie, are expecting baby number four this winter.

Please note that Natalie is 24 years old and Taylor is 25.

This kind of shit never ceases to amaze me. What kind of 24-year-old wants four children? I’m 26 and I have four small animals, and even that’s a little overwhelming. Plus none of them grew in my stomach and I still feel like I kind of need a tummy tuck because my tummy looks less like the tummy of a 20-year-old and more like the tummy of a 26-year-old, and I find that to be horribly depressing. And her vagina must be like a damn salad bowl already. Why, why, why? You have your whole lives to pop out kids! Why do you need 8000 of them right now?