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Dina Lohan To Police Officer: “I’m Not Crazy”

dina lohan going to court not guilty dui

Dina Lohan got pulled over for drunk driving, but she must have taken a detour along the way into Denial City, because she’s pleading not guilty. Details of her arrest leaked and she pulled a total Reese Witherspoon even though she has nowhere near the amount of fame as Mrs. “I Am Allowed To Stand On American Ground.” Daily News explains how it went down:

“I’m not crazy,” Dina Lohan told a New York state trooper. “These questions are stupid.”

Dina’s damning words were in a criminal complaint released Tuesday after she pleaded not guilty to driving while intoxicated in a Long Island courtroom.

The Hollywood wild child’s mom admitted when she was arrested earlier this month that she’d been pounding the Pinot Grigio at a pal’s house. “It was two, well, maybe three glasses,” she said.

When they insisted Dina stand on one leg, she “stopped at five seconds and asked if she was done,” the report states.

Dina also complained the troopers had treated her too rough when they cuffed her, injuring a wrist and giving her a headache, but later retracted her claim. “I have no injuries,” she told an EMT. “I don’t need you guys anymore, I don’t want medical attention.”

But Dina, who notched a blood-alcohol level on a breathalyzer test that was more than double New York’s legal limit of 0.08 percent, bristled at giving a blood sample. “You’re not taking my blood,” she said, the papers state.

Dina, however, did make a point of telling a trooper that she had recently been interviewed by Oprah at her home, that she’d been on a television show earlier that night with ex-husband Michael Lohan, and “that she would be fifty years old” in a couple days.

Oh, Dina. Do not throw around Oprah’s name like y’all are friends. That is NOT going to help you out. Also I think we can all assume that Dina’s “three glasses” of wine = Lindsay’s “ten to fifteen times” she used cocaine.

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  • I see the blah blah plead not guilty they must be delusional thrown around a lot which just isn’t the case. Every lawyer and judge will tell you to plead not guilty at your first hearing. Your best bet is to plead not guilty and work with the state attorneys office and plead out to a deal. It doesn’t mean they think they are not guilty, it means they are receiving good legal advice.