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Here’s Miley’s New Album Tracklisting, If You Care

miley cyrus bangerz

Come on, guys – I know after the utter fuckery of the ‘Wrecking Ball’ video yesterday, y’all are chomping at the bit to see Miley‘s Bangerz tracklisting, right? What if I told you the record features a collaboration with Britney Spears – will that cheer you up? No? Well, okay, I understand.

Here it is anyway:

1. ‘Adore You’
2. ‘We Can’t Stop’
3. ‘SMS’ (featuring Britney Spears)
4. ‘4X4’ (featuring Nelly)
5. ‘My Darlin” (featuring Future)
6. ‘Wrecking Ball’
7. ‘Love Money Party’ (featuring Big Sean)
8. ‘Get It Right’
9. ‘Drive’
10. ‘FU’ (featuring French Montana)
11. ‘Do My Thang’
12. ‘Maybe You’re Right’
13. ‘Someone Else’

Miley posted the listing on Twitter, then got so up her own ass that she felt the following was necessary:

The thing is, it just may get to number one. If you can forget it’s Miley Cyrus singing, never have to look at her face and block all memory of her from your mind, the two songs we’ve heard from the album so far are pretty good, mindless pop music. Once you bring in the Miley factor, though, it all goes down the drain. Also, I love that she’s trying to work with all these “urban” artists on the album as part of her “I’m really black on the inside” phase (but we knew that was going to happen). Real cute, Miley. Real cute. I just feel bad that money talks loud enough that they actually lowered themselves to do it. As for that Britney collab? Don’t even ask me what that’s going to be like.

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