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So, Sharon Osbourne and Jay Leno Had a Fling Back in the Day…

sharon osbourne jay leno

Before she was Mrs. O and Ozzy’s personal bacon fire putter-outer, Sharon Osbourne had a bizarre two-month fling with Jay Leno, apparently. Yes, that’s dating back more than 35 years ago, which makes it less uh… exciting? or at least less gross. She talked about their relationship on The Talk because I guess there was nothing else worthwhile going on.

Here’s how it went down – erm… so to speak – via DS:

Speaking on her US show The Talk, she revealed how she “wasn’t very dateable” after moving to America.

Joking about his famous large chin, she said: “There’s a reason God gives people those chins – and I found out why.”

Explaining how they met, she said: “I’d just arrived in America. I didn’t know many people. I had met my husband but we were just friends.

“My friend worked at this place and she said, ‘You have to come down because it’s full of men’. I came down and it’s full of men performing. And this one person, I think, ‘Oh, he’s very nice, very funny’.

“So my friend goes, ‘I’ve got his number’. So we prank called him and he liked my voice. Then I kept calling. One thing led to another and he actually came round to my house and met me. And then we had a little fling. The fling was more fling for me and not fling enough for him, because a couple of months into it he brought around the real love of his life for me to meet. And she was lovely. They were so kind to me and continued a friendship over the years.”

When asked by the panel if she ever had sex with Leno, she said: “It was so long ago, I can’t remember.”However, when pushed for an answer, she added: “Yes, yes.”

Okay, if you’re finished throwing up in your mouth now from that whole chin comment, I apologise for putting you through that. If you’ll never get that horrible, disgusting image out of your head, I apologise even more. This whole thing… just… no comment.