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Monday Open Post, Brought to You By Miley Cyrus’ Awful ‘Wrecking Ball’ Video

It’s awful. It’s worse than we probably thought it was going to be. For some reason, Miley‘s ‘Wrecking Ball’ video sees her sucking on hammers, writhing around on the floor as she nearly gives herself an anal fissure from straining so hard to be sexy, etc. She even rides the wrecking ball naked! Except then sometimes she’s only partly naked! None of it makes any sense and it’s awful! What the hell is happening in the world?

And so, let us discuss. If not this, something less offensive to all your senses, like maybe the best ice cream flavours or how nice it is to take a nap when it’s cold outside but really warm under your covers. Or, you know… whatever you guys come up with.

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  • I actually quite like the song. Video would have been better if was just face close up/ from shoulders up like at the beginning. It’s quite an emotional song and the attempts to be sexy distract from what at quite good lyrics. Sometimes you can be powerful without beig naked, miley.

  • yeah, the song isn’t bad, but that video is ridiculous. i love the comment “sometimes you can be powerful without being naked, miley.” that is awesome. although she does have a rockin’ bod, maybe she just wants to show it off. still, the video is beyond stupid and takes away from a not-half-bad song.

    • To be fair, if I had a bod as hot as hers I’d probably show it off too. Just…not in that way. There was a time when baring all was powerful – when society was still prudish so it was quite liberating but nowadays when everyone is doing it, it loses its point. I have nothing in particular against miley, but it just seems everything she’s doing smacks of trying sooo hard to be out there when she’s not really doing much that hasn’t already been done. She may be young but she’s not that young to still be so clueless.

  • I didn’t actually dislike the song… the part that confuses me is why she’s trying to act slutty. She’s trying to come across as vulnerable with the song, but licking the hammer/writhing just makes her look sort of pathetic.

  • I’ve just watched the vídeo. It turns out it wasn’t so well-behaved as I thought it would be… Oh well, at least she wasn’t promoting drug use, this time. That’s kind of an improvement.

  • I’m afraid I have to respectfully disagree with the blogger. I found it to be beautiful. poetic and sexy.

    A surprise! Just like the refreshing non-use of over-the-top tongue action.

  • To Mireee:

    I think it the S&M context of the video, though clearly she’s at the more masochistic end of it–she only has a sledge hammer and he has a wrecking ball–it reflects the erotic thrill she gets by planning to smash the lover back in some puny way. Or the thrill that violence in general gives her.

    And there LOL is my two cents worth of symbol interpretation.

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