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Presenting Worst Choice For Super Bowl Halftime Show Since Black Eyed Peas

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Bruno Mars somehow landed one of the best gigs a musician can get — the Super Bowl Halftime Show. He must have caught a grenade for someone. When I say, “this is the worst Super Bowl pick since The Black Eyed Peas” I don’t mean that in an overly negative or mean way. I mean it in the sense of, “A bunch of dads have no idea who Bruno Mars is” and “can one really rock out to Bruno Mars?” Thom Yorke doesn’t even know who Bruno Mars is.

Last year we got Beyoncé, who while not a classic rock and roll act like The Rolling Stones or Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers or other rock bands of halftime shows past, is still a huge pop star with huge songs who knows how to perform. Bruno Mars isn’t really a stadium performer. I mean come on, does this promo scream “GET READY FOR SOME HIGH ENERGY PERFORMANCE SHIT, BITCHES!!!”?

bruno mars super bowl half time show

Mr. Mars confirmed the gig in this tweet, as did Pepsi with this tweet.

What do you think: is Bruno Mars a good choice? Who would you have picked?

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  • really a wtf kind of choice. most people can’t name one song he’s done or have any idea of who he is, even in the off-chance they’ve heard his name. i certainly don’t get it. but then, consider some of the other terrible performances we’ve gotten in the past – sounds like the next article…

  • Bruno Mars is an amazing singer /performer.
    He can really sing, even LIVE compared to other singers .
    Did you ever watched his concert? My daughter and I watched his live concert 3 times.
    His band are great performers, too.