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Thom Yorke Asks, “Who The F-ck Is Bruno Mars?”

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Thom Yorke of Radiohead and his new band Atoms for Peace, made me smile tonight/today. Yorke, AKA Kate Hudson’s first choice, asked the big question, the question everyone has been wanting to ask:

Who the f-ck is Bruno Mars?

Ah yes. Who the f-ck is Bruno Mars? And why the f-ck is Bruno Mars? And for how long?

Well let me tell you, Englishman. Bruno Mars is a damn poet. Were you the one who came up with the lyric, “You and me, baby, making love like gorillas”? No. No you were not. That was all Mars, baby.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, the subject of the Billboard Charts came up. Atoms for Peace’s album, Amok, debuted at #2 on the charts. And #1 was…? That’s right. Bruno Mars. Which prompted Thom Yorke to ask,

Who the f-ck is Bruno Mars?

I mean I could easily go on quoting this one stupid line over and over, so here’s slightly more info from KROQ:

“Who the f-ck is Bruno Mars?” Yorke said early in the Rolling Stone Q&A, going on to add, “Sorry. I’ll get slandered now,” when discussing how Atoms for Peace’s debut album, Amok, entered the Billboard 200 chart at Number Two behind Mars’ Unorthodox Jukeboxwhen they were released during the same week.

“Bruno Mars had a special on Amazon. That’s why,” offered Yorke’s Atoms for Peace bandmate Nigel Godrich, referring to Unorthodox Jukeboxbeing sold for only $1.99 during the first week of release.

“Amazon f-cks with us every time,” Yorke added. “They undercut us. So really, it was Number One.”

Oh snap. It wasn’t enough to ask the world, “Who the f-ck is Bruno Mars?” nay, not for our dear Mr. Yorke. He also had to assert his dominance by suggesting that really, Bruno Mars was not the true #1 best selling artist on the list. More delight. I’m not even a Radiohead fan.

F-ck you, Bruno Mars. I don’t even have a reason. I don’t need a reason. I just feel like it. I’m sure you understand, being such a poet.

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  • I’d take Thom Yorke over Bruno Mars any day! I loved loved loved Radiohead! I was just in a karaoke contest last Sunday and I sang Creep!

  • Same question back at this nitwit. Who the fuck is Thom Yorke? Just another twit musician with a holier than thou attitude who was part of a second-rate band.

  • Bruno Mars is radio fluff, I can’t appreciate his music the way I appreciate Thom Yorkes’s music.

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  • Early interview, “Yorke said that the success inflated his ego….as soon as you get any success you disappear up your own arse.”