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Simon Cowell Has Already Been Changed By Fatherhood

simon cowell lauren silverman

As we all know by now, Simon Cowell knocked up his friend’s soon-to-be (thanks to him) ex-wife, Lauren Silverman, and is going to be a father now. He’s feeling good about it, and despite the fact that this kid hasn’t even been born yet, he’s already been “changed” by fatherhood.

Here’s what he had to say on ITV’s Daybreak (via DS):

“I’m happy about it, I really am,” he told ITV’s Daybreak. “It’s nothing to hide now and the fact that I can talk about it publicly is great.”

When host Aled Jones asked if the impending arrival has changed him at all, Cowell replied “maybe a little bit”, adding: “It’s just a baby and I’m happy.”

LOL at “it’s just a baby”. Uh… well, that’s encouraging. But actually, it kind of is – it’s good to see someone not pretending they’re “over the moon” straight outta the gate. I think Simon will be a good father and he’ll probably be excited, you know, when he kid is actually born, but people need to chill out and wait for that to happen before they expect to see a changed man in front of them.