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Azealia Banks Is Trying to Go to War with Lady GaGa Now

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Azealia Banks hasn’t done much over the past there years besides release one decent song (‘212’ still holds up, sorry) and then try to start a lot of shit with artists who are actually making music instead of just talking about it on Twitter. Not content to have a rivalry with Marina Diamandis (LOL) and Lily Allen, Azealia is now aiming for the big dogs, accusing Lady GaGa for stealing her whole mermaid theme.

I’m not sure if you watched Lady GaGa’s return to performing at the Roundhouse in London the other night as the opening act of the iTunes festival, but it was a hot ass mess. That aside, there was a point when a Little Monster threw a mermaid doll up on stage and she ripped the head off to show how fierce she was. Azealia, narcissistic lunatic that she is, took this as ammunition to strike out at her new nemesis:

Granted, Azealia used to host “Mermaid Ball” shows, but here’s the thing: who cared about them? If I wore my hair in a high ponytail and put on an eye patch and then Celine Dion does that on her next tour, am I really gonna get mad that she “stole” my idea? No, because NO ONE CARES ABOUT ME. I’m not trying to undermine Azealia’s “success” thus far, but she got so caught up on the hype surrounding one song that she’s completely showed herself up in the year or two that’s followed. Concentrate on making music that’s not shit (because SMH, aside from a few standouts, the Fantasea mixtape was trash). No one’s gonna see that mermaid doll on stage with GaGa and think, “Huh, Azealia Banks likes mermaids and I bet she’s quite talented! I think I’ll go download her music!” Wrong.

Also, I love that she hashtags it “#huge” – because yes, getting attention from Lady GaGa for your basic ass WOULD be huge, and that’s coming from someone who can’t stand Lady GaGa anymore, either. She’s far from out of ideas – she’s got too many of them, and they came as a result of a crazy ass coke binge. I’d say that’s much more likely.  PLUS, if I remember right, Azealia was supposed to be on Artpop and then her track got cut. I might be wrong, but I swear that was a thing that was going to happen.

Can’t people just shut up and get along?