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Lance Bass Is Engaged, Y’all

lance bass fiance michael turchin

Lance Bass is engaged to be married to Michael Turchin, who looks like some hot combination of Adrien Brody and someone hotter than Adrien Brody. Us Weekly says they have the exclusive details, so here they are:

Dating since December 2011, the couple got engaged in New Orleans after Bass proposed to the aspiring actor and model with a black diamond band. He even texted his future husband’s parents to ask for their permission first.

“They’re such a great couple, everyone is so happy for them,” another source tells Us. “Their friends and family are thrilled.”

He texted permission? LOL. Oh, Lance. WTF did he text? “Hey u guise it’s me Lance, can I marry your son, Y/N? Plz say yes. :) ttyl!!” It’s such an outdated useless tradition to ask for someones’ hand in marriage from their parents, but I know that people still do it. So if you’re gonna do it, do it right. Come on, Lance. A text? Really?

Anyway, after his crappy *NSYNC reunion at the VMAs, he tweeted something that I thought was very sweet:

For the first time ever I got to perform w *NSYNC as an out entertainer and was thinking of this man.

That’s nice. And I mean that with 0% sarcasm.

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  • Eh, our son in law asked four years ago. But WHAT he asked wasn’t if we’d “give” our daughter to him but if we understood how much he cared for her, respected her, and wanted to spend his life with her. He wanted our understanding and wanted to know that we were assured of that. He’s a great guy and he feels we are his family, wanted his family to be happy with them. It’s all in perspective and context.

    But yeah, texting to ask as opposed to making that phone call if you can’t be there in person? Not quite on that train.:-)

    Happy for them, as much as someone who doesn’t know them can be.:-) It’s fabulous he is finally living his life as he should be. Best wishes to them…..