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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week — End of August

daniel radcliffe blue blazer

What a week it’s been. We came off of She Who Must Not Be Named and all other kinds of hot mess outfits at the VMAs and ended with Daniel Radcliffe doing this (above). A lot going on. Here are the best, worst, and WTF celebrity looks of the week — end of August.

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daniel radcliffe kill your darlings premiere

I really love Daniel Radcliffe‘s entire outfit here. Guys — here is a man who knows how to get pants properly tailored. And look at that gorgeous blue blazer. Man, he is really working it for me. Good on ya, Daniel.


cate blanchett awful dress

Then we have Cate Blanchett in some sort of horrible summer quilt.


lady gaga mickey ears houndstooth suit

Gaga has been giving us some pretty intense outfits. Every time she leaves her London hotel it’s like a runway show. Here’s her latest. Going back to the Mickey ears, I see. Trying to get us to remember “The Fame” era AKA the last time most people liked her? Her body is sick but this suit is not. But you know, it’s Gaga. Here’s another outfit she presented this week:

lady gaga london

This one is a million times worse.


james franco venice festival

James Franco in a tux. He looks great. His pants do not fit as well as they should. Compare to Radcliffe’s. Guys, it’s all about the ankles. You want the pant leg to have a crisp break at the ankle. He almost has it right here, but see that billowing/wide leg effect on the right leg? That’s wouldn’t happen if the ankles of your pants weren’t too long. Yes, this is my little unimportant annoyance. We all have one. Maybe yours is people who don’t use their turn signals. Or ghosts. Whatever.


heidi montag spencer pratt 30th birthday

Attention must be paid. Spencer Pratt turned 30. He and wife Heidi Montag (aka “Speidi”) celebrated at Crazy Horse III in Las Vegas. In these outfits. They are determined to stay stuck in the era when they were relevant, right down to the clothes. (Early ’00s.) Sad, really.


kirsten dunst silver lake

Kiki Dunst looking breezy and comfortable. She was seen shopping in my neighborhood. (Not by me. I don’t go anywhere.) It is crazy hot here right now, so she picked a good dress. But girl those shoes. No. However, I will cut her the best of slack, as it has been hot as balls this week in LA, and when it’s this hot, you dress for comfort.


dakota fanning night moves premiere festival

Dakota Fanning in OMG STUNNING. Actually I think it’s Elie Saab.

[image removed on request]

Any time Meg Ryan is spotted in public, I feel obligated to share. She needs to stop dressing like a teenager. Sorry.


kate middleton prince william

What in the ever-loving f-ck, how is Kate Middleton so slim already? Here she is with Captain Hair at their first public appearance. I’m sorry, that hair comment was really mean. I was quoting Whose Line Is It Anyway?. Because I am a nerd. A bitchy nerd. They look great. That’s a good color on him and she is just forever flawless.


nicolas cage

Oh, Nic. Nic, Nic, Nic. You’re breaking my balls here. The open shirt + necklace combo is not a good look.

nicolas cage joe premiere

Is he wearing pearls?


parker posey

Here’s someone we haven’t seen in a while — Parker Posey! She’s really embracing that eccentric neighbor down the hall in the cool building in the coolest area of NYC look. She’s 44 now. Those are some stereotypical mom pants. From something like the Coldwater Creek catalog.

[image removed on request]

Lady Gaga in another crazy hotel outfit. The more she changes her face, the more I see Brittany Murphy. I miss Brittany Murphy, so I’m okay with this.


selena gomez getaway premiere

Selena Gomez. I’ve been staring at this for a while and I still don’t know what to think. So I’m gonna say no.


lana del rey shorts

Lana Del Rey being casual and breezy in this hot hot city. I have those shorts (or very similar ones). They leave really embarrassing tanlines. That shirt looks comfy.


lindsay lohan nyc smoking cigarette

Lohan strolling around SoHo. Do we like this? I like it? Those boots are giving me pause though. It’s the tassels.


olivia munn going to letterman taping

Olivia Munn on her way to tape Letterman. Is this not a bit much for a talk show? Dude behind her seems to like it though.


lily collins

Lily Collins. Why is everyone trying so hard to make Lily Collins happen? Yeah she’s gorgeous, dresses well, and has headline-worthy eyebrows, but I don’t get it. Few people could pull off an oversized horizontal striped shirt, and I think she does.


Godfrey Gao

Finally, here’s some dude named Godfrey Gao. He stars in Lily Collins in The Mortal Instruments. Do I need to explain why this is a horrible ensemble? I can’t even.


Here we go…

BEST: Dakota Fanning for chicks, Daniel Radcliffe for dudes. Gotta highlight both of them.
WORST: Normally it would be Speidi, but Nic Cage and Lady Gaga‘s bra under vinyl overalls outfit take it.
WTFGodfrey Gao‘s bizarre suit.

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