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Cate Blanchett Clarifies Sexuality Statements: ‘I’ve Never Been Sexual With A Woman’

cate blanchett

Well, I guess it was fun while it lasted, eh? Last week, Cate Blanchett was doing an interview for her new movie, Carol, in which she plays a woman who has a same-sex affair with a colleague, and she reportedly said that she’s had plenty of relationships with women in real life. Of course, that set the internet on fire, and everyone was going crazy because it’s Cate Blanchett and she’s beautiful and ~so straight~ and how could we not have known? Well, we didn’t know because it wasn’t true, as Cate has since pointed out. As per usual, she was misquoted and in fact, she’s never had any sort of sexual relationship with women. Damn.

From The Guardian:

“From memory, the conversation ran: ‘Have you had relationships with women?’ And I said: ‘Yes, many times. Do you mean have I had sexual relationships with women? Then the answer is no.’ But that obviously didn’t make it.”

To laughter from the crowd, Blanchett continued: “But in 2015, the point should be: who cares? Call me old fashioned but I thought one’s job as an actor was not to present one’s boring, small, microscopic universe but to make a psychological connection to another character’s experiences. My own life is of no interest to anyone else. Or maybe it is. But I certainly have no interest in putting my own thoughts and opinions out there.”

Well, that’s disappointing – the fact that she’s not on the team, so to speak. The more, the merrier! In all seriousness, though, it did all seem pretty strange. Not necessarily because it was such a nonchalant admission (because it doesn’t need to be anything more), but because her original quote seemed so piecemeal in comparison to most of the interviews I’ve read with her. She’s never been one to discuss anything about her personal life, let alone relationships of any kind, so I thought it was strange that she sorta just dropped that one out there. Turns out, if things seem too good to be true, they usually are!

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Cate Blanchett Has Been With Women & This Is Apparently A Big Deal

cate blanchett

Cate Blanchett, one of the most solid actresses of her generation, is starting in a new movie called Carol, about a married department store worker who has an affair with a fellow employee. She’s been doing press about the project, and Variety asked her during her interview whether this was her first time as a lesbian.

When asked if this is her first turn as a lesbian, Blanchett curls her lips into a smile. “On film — or in real life?” she asks coyly. Pressed for details about whether she’s had past relationships with women, she responds: “Yes. Many times,” but doesn’t elaborate. Like Carol, who never “comes out” as a lesbian, Blanchett doesn’t necessarily rely on labels for sexual orientation. “I never thought about it,” she says of how she envisioned the character. “I don’t think Carol thought about it.”

And too right. Straight people, I bet you don’t wake up in the morning thinking, “Huh, I suppose I’ll be straight today, and isn’t that grand?!” No, you just live your life. Your sexuality doesn’t define you, and neither does Cate’s.

For reference, Cate is married to a man and has been for nearly 20 years now, though that certainly doesn’t undermine her previous relationships with women or men in any way, and it doesn’t mean she’s “straight”… nor does it mean that it even matters. Yet the internet has been talking about this nonstop for several days, apparently unable to believe that she’s been with women. I’m not quite sure why that is, either. Does she “look” or “act” too straight for anyone to imagine her being with women? How does one look or act straight (or gay) anyway? The whole thing is just baffling.

Bottom line is, Cate Blanchett is pretty gorgeous and seems like a lovely person, to boot, so man or woman would be lucky to have her.

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Cate Blanchett Adds To Her Family


Cate Blanchett and her husband, Andrew Upton, added to their family — they’ve adopted a baby girl! The flawless Ms. Blanchett already has three sons, so it’s going to be quite the full house for her. According to The Los Angeles Times, they’ve named the girl Vivienne. However, according to Us Weekly, the baby’s full name is Edith Vivian Patricia Upton. Holy smokes, that is quite the name.

If you’re looking for more info from her rep, you’re not going to get much. Here’s all her rep had to say, via Us:

The Upton family (Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton) have adopted a baby girl.

Wow. I mean, I’m not expecting a novel or anything, but that has to be the most bare-bones statement I’ve ever seen. We didn’t even get the typical, “The parents are thrilled” or “The couple is over the moon” blurb that we usually get. WHAT GIVES, REP?

Anyway, congrats to her and her family.

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Celebrities really looked their best at Cannes

rosario dawson

Well, the Cannes Film Festival is over for another year, but still it lives on… particularly in the form of portraits taken by The Hollywood Reporter. Some of the biggest and best actors including Salma Hayek, Jane Fonda, Mark Ruffalo and more posed for the publication, and now you can see their shots, some of which are better than others.

Side note: when did Rosario Dawson do the half-head shave thing? I think I like it!

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Best, Worst, And WTF Of Oscars Fashion!

The waist of Amy Adams is the size of my own head. Contemplate that.

The waist of Amy Adams is the size of my own head. Contemplate that.

Aaaaand The Oscars are back already. How did that happen? Seems like we just saw them and watched Jennifer Lawrence win in her wedding gown.

Anyway, check out these looks and make your picks for BEST, WORST, and WTF look of the night. Mine are at the bottom. Personally, I felt everyone played it a little on the boring side.

Last year’s Oscar fashion post can be found here.


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Best, Worst, and WTF of 2014 BAFTA Awards Fashion


The British Academy of Film and Television Arts hold annual award shows and it’s really just another excuse to marvel at celebs’ red carpet looks. From Brad and Angie’s matching tuxedos to Lily Allen’s interesting hairdo, I bring you the BEST, WORST, and most WTF looks of the 2014 BAFTA Awards.

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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!



Welcome back to Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! If you’re looking for a Grammy’s fashion post, here it is.

Let’s take a look at what celebs were wearing this week and dub a “winner” for BEST, WORST, and WTF.

Hint: Jared Leto is a big contender for "WTF." Full outfit in the post!

Hint: Jared Leto is a big contender for “WTF.” Full outfit in the post!

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