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Best, Worst, And WTF Of Oscars Fashion!

The waist of Amy Adams is the size of my own head. Contemplate that.

The waist of Amy Adams is the size of my own head. Contemplate that.

Aaaaand The Oscars are back already. How did that happen? Seems like we just saw them and watched Jennifer Lawrence win in her wedding gown.

Anyway, check out these looks and make your picks for BEST, WORST, and WTF look of the night. Mine are at the bottom. Personally, I felt everyone played it a little on the boring side.

Last year’s Oscar fashion post can be found here.



I mean, how blah is this on Amy Adams? Yes, her figure is lovely, but there’s nothing interesting about this, from the gown, to lack of serious jewelry, to hair. So very blah.



With total respect to both women, this is some Bea Arthur shit on Angelina Jolie. Her tux at the BAFTAs was so much better than this dowdy mess.



Sticking with a shimmery theme, here’s shimmer done right as by Jennifer Garner. LOVE THIS!!!



Anna Kendrick, go home, you’re drunk.



Cate Blanchett looks goddamn stunning, am I right? Perfect gown and hair.



Oh, speaking of perfection, here’s my girl Charlize Theron. Dat train. That’s expert level train.



Cristin Milioti wearing a lovely dress but with some atrocious makeup…


…yikes. Girl, yikes. What is up with unfathomable lipstick shades on the red carpet?



I like this gown but I’m not sure I like it on Glenn Close.



This is so boring, Jennifer LawrenceSo boring!



Jessica Biel, you look beautiful, but this is also kinda boring.



WOW THIS IS GHASTLY. Julia Roberts, what were you thinking? This looks like a bunch of doilies haphazardly thrown together for a costume for Jessa on Girls. This is so bad.



Kate Hudson. The cape emphasizes her bony frame, which I don’t think is a good thing. Overall, it’s a lovely gown, but I feel like I’ve seen this before.



Here’s Kerry Washingtonalso sporting a dark lip. It works better on her. And I like her choice of gown. Lately, Ms. Washington’s been a little too wacky for me, but I think this is a great look. Sleek, chic, comfortable. Sorry that last one didn’t rhyme.



Kristen Bell. This dress doesn’t photograph very well. In motion it was stunning; frozen (SEE WHAT I DID THERE), it looks like soggy and wilting toilet paper. What? It does.



Usually Kristen Chenoweth dons a tacky-ass gigantic ballgown, so I appreciate she went a different way this time, even if the patterns make my head hurt. But I like the Metropolis look. Not love, mind you, but like.



And look who wore something similar to Ms. Chenoweth: it’s Ms. Lady Gaga, of all people! Hate the hair, love the dress, unsure of the shawl.



Lupita Nyong’o nails it again, though I think she played it a little too safe. She usually goes a lot bolder with her choices. This is gorgeous, but again, a little on the safe side. Though in motion, I liked the color of the gown a lot better — here, it looks way too pale.



Oh, Meryl. You knew how to dress for about 2 years (1977-1979). Since then, you’ve been struggling. But you don’t care, so we don’t either. Great deal.



Naomi Watts looked unrecognizable to me. I think it’s the hair. I like it. I like the necklace. Dress is, meh. WHY IS EVERYONE SO FANTASTICALLY MEH???



Olivia Wilde is playing it super safe but she’s also super pregnant so she gets my super pass. ITALICS!



This gown detail on Portia de Rossi is so gorgeous but girl, that HAIR, WHAT IS THAT 1990’S HAIR ABOUT??? Hate. :(



Sandra Bullock looks stunning and yet somehow boring. This is quite subdued for a McQueen gown. I love it, despite its meh quality.



Viola Davis. Love the color, hate the cut.


Overall, I thought no one did terribly, aside from Portia de Rossi’s hair. I just thought everyone was a little too boring.


BEST: Cate Blanchett

WORST: Julia Roberts

WTF: Cristin Milioti 

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  • Best: Charlize Theron (just stunning)
    Worst: Angelina Jolie (sometihing my Nana would wear)
    WTF: Julia Roberts (what was she thinking)