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Best, Worst, and WTF of 2014 BAFTA Awards Fashion


The British Academy of Film and Television Arts hold annual award shows and it’s really just another excuse to marvel at celebs’ red carpet looks. From Brad and Angie’s matching tuxedos to Lily Allen’s interesting hairdo, I bring you the BEST, WORST, and most WTF looks of the 2014 BAFTA Awards.


Amy Adams. Not her best look. I don’t think she pulls off “severe” very well. She’s much better at old school glamorous or ethereal fairy goddess. This is just bizarre.



Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I think she looks better in a tux than he does! Her tux fits her way better. I love love love a woman in a sharp tux. His hair still gives me nightmares.



Cate Blanchett. It’s fine. It looks a little…cheap? The material looks cheap to me. I’m sure it’s not but it looks it.



English actress Eleanor Tomlinson. Is this not one of the more bizarre gowns you’ve ever seen? It’s like Downton Abbey meets Frederick’s of Hollywood.



Fearne Cotton disappointed me big time. I’ve been such a fan of her style, but this whole look is like some Lady Gaga reject. Bad news.



Gillian Anderson is back! Not sure about the weird material of the dress but I like the cut and how it fits her. Did she change her face a little bit? Or am I just not used to seeing her blonde? Thoughts on that?



This is Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones in the most bizarre-looking ensemble I’ve seen in a very long time. She looks like a floating head and arms. Very odd.



Leonardo DiCaprio in pants that are way too long and also he looks like a big ole creeper. I can’t with him anymore. Maybe it’s the facial hair, but lately he always looks creepy as f-ck to me. This is maybe the worst case of swamp pants I’ve ever seen. That’s when a guy’s pants are too long and it looks like he’s bogged down in a swamp. Pants that need to be hemmed are my biggest fashion pet peeve, and rarely do guys wear pants that are the proper length. It’s the kind of thing that once you notice, you’ll never un-see. Sorry.



Lily Allen with some very interesting hair action going on. First off though, when did she get so skinny??? “Hard out here for a bitch” indeed, Lily. I love the colors on her. I love everything except I’m not totally sold on the hair piece. It’s very her but it’s also very distracting from an otherwise lovely look.



Lupita Nyong’o also chose to go with a brightly colored gown, and as always, she looks gorgeous. Bright color looks so good on her.



Maggie Gyllenhaal…yikes. Everything yikes. Too many details going on in that dress and that hair…I’m just gonna throw another “yikes” into here. Yikes.



Oprah in all her Oprah glory. Sorry Ops, not liking this one. Color doesn’t suit you and that lace top is a little yikes. Yikes is the word I’m stuck on now, thanks a pantsful, Maggie.



And finally, Uma Thurman redeems herself from her last red carpet look. You can’t tell in this photo, but this dress had a huge slit up the side and it looked awesomeStill wish she wouldn’t wispy-fy her hair, but damn, this dress is killer.


Here are my picks for BEST, WORST, and WTF:

BEST: Angelina Jolie

WORST: Maggie Gyllenhaal

WTF: Gwendoline Christie

Your turn!

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  • Angelina, Lupita, and Uma look great. I didn’t recognize Gillian for a long moment. I think it’s the hair. Though her face generally looks… thinner and sharper? It might just be slight weight loss. Love her though.

  • I agree that Gillian looks like she’s had some work done. Her schnozz used to have a little kink in it. I can’t really notice from this pic but it looks like some rhinoplasty.

    A little Gillian Anderson story: Back in the mid-eighties, A couple of friends I knew had a basement apartment on Diversey St. near the L train in Chicago. They used to have the gals from the Art Institute over all the time from upstairs, as their apartment was sorta a full time hangout. One gal used to sit at the very back of the apartment in the dark, and smoke cloves and speak in a fake English accent. At the time she had dyed black hair. Who? Why, Gillian of course. Google Gillian Anderson fake accent, IN any case she attended another school in Chicago but hung with the art students. And the rest, as they say, is history.