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Kris Jenner’s Talk Show Is Still Hanging On By a Thread

kris jenner

Kris Jenner‘s daytime talk show is absolute bullshit that absolutely no one wants to watch. Sure, blackmailing Kanye into coming on with the first pics of poor little North West propped her up for a hot minute, but the overall performance of the series means it’s heading straight for the bin. But wait! Maybe there’s still hope! A Fox executive has revealed that they haven’t officially cancelled the show “yet” (though I’m sure that’s coming):

From The Wrap:

Don’t count Kris Jenner out quite yet.

Reports of her talk show being “canceled” are false, a 20th Television representative told TheWrap.

“It’s too early to make a decision,” the rep continued.

Meanwhile, Kris’s team is taking the Internet’s hope that they’ll never have to see her face on daytime TV again as “buzz” surrounding the series. Uh… okay, then:

I can’t wait until an official announcement is made that this shit show is done for.