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Ozzy Osbourne Set His House On Fire With Bacon

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Listen, I feel Ozzy Osbourne on this one – sometimes you just need some bacon. Shit is delicious – the uncured, thick-cut stuff, that is. Oh, and the back bacon that you can only seem to get in the UK. Ugh, now I want bacon. In any case, it’s likely a reverie just like mine that led Ozzy to his Los Angeles kitchen to fry up some of the good shit (not THAT good shit – he’s clean now!). Unfortunately, he, uh… set the place on fire.

From WENN:

Los Angeles firefighters were called out to Ozzy Osbourne’s home again on Tuesday night after the rocker sparked a blaze while making himself a late-night snack.
The Black Sabbath frontman was injured during a fire that broke out at the California home he shares with wife Sharon Osbourne back in January and there was another drama there overnight.

There were no other details about the latest fire drama or the damage caused at press time.

January’s early morning blaze, which was caused by a candle, left Ozzy with singed hair, no eyebrows and minor burns to his face.

Damn, two fires in a year. Someone needs to supervise this guy, seriously! Also, minor suggestion – has he ever thought of getting a George Foreman grill? No bacon grease spray all over the place AND you can drain off some of the fat – almost 42% of it, from what the box says (I just bought a new one, okay?).

In all seriousness, glad he’s okay. Here’s how Sharon broke the news on Twitter:

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