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Oh, Great: Lady GaGa Has a New Song Called ‘Swine’

Lady GaGa is currently terrorising London in advance of her slot opening the iTunes Festival on September 1st, and she’s deep in rehearsals for this very important performance, where she’ll unveil tons of new material from Artpop, including a track called… ‘Swine’. Lovely.

In a one minute promotional video GaGa posted online, we see her singing about someone being a “pig in a human body” before convulsing on her piano, convulsing while playing the drums, seemingly humping the drum stool, banging on the drums, screaming the word “swine” and also trying to get the hashtag “#swinefest” trending. Um, what am I missing here? At a certain point, art crosses over into being absolute farce. Seriously – this is laughable.

I’m just not sure what I’m meant to think when watching her anymore. I just sort of feel… bad for her. I see a drug-addicted woman with obvious mental illnesses who is so desperate for fame that she’s willing to try and pass ANYTHING off as “art”. It’s actually uncomfortable for me. I want to go back to the days of the Fame Monster EP – great pop music without so much artifice.

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  • I gotta say, for all the criticism I’ve been shooting her way, I actually thought her VMA act kicked some pretty good ass. She delivers. She can really sing, and really dance. She can be riveting and thought provoking.

  • truly great ART-icle.
    IF the vmas were alleged evidence of “kicking ass”
    [it’s only a bared bum],” dancing and singing”
    [stiff body and lip-syncing]- i’m sorry but are you blind?
    compare it to real movers and shakers and voices.
    lady who? the vma “performance” was bland.