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Victoria Beckham Belongs In America

victoria beckham

Victoria Beckham makes me laugh. She would probably disapprove of laughter, since smiling is daft, but that’s okay. She comes out with such golden nuggets of bullshit that I just can’t help myself. Her most recent work of verbal art is her insistence that she’s better suited to life in America because she’s a working mother. Because, you know, Britain has no working mothers who are very career-minded.

The Beckhams – Victoria, David and their four kids – have lived in Los Angeles for quite a few years but moved back to the UK recently when David went to play for some French football team, but they’re all thinking of moving back to LA because they feel homesick for it.

From her interview with The New York Times:

The house is a rental, and Beckham said she missed Los Angeles, where the family lived most recently — the climate, the openness, the work ethic. “I am very career minded, and I think my personality is more suited to America,” she said. “I am a working mum.”

LOL. I don’t understand the connection at all, but fair enough. My personality is more suited to the UK because I really like Gregg’s sausage rolls and Jeremy Kyle. How’s that?

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  • Some people are allowed to prefer a city over another. As long as they aren’t famous. Wow groundbreaking ~journalism~ Jennifer. Top notch.

  • “If you’re on Evil Beet for journalism, I feel sorry for you!”
    I agree , it is now a place that hates men and heterosexual women. Just because you prefer to eat out at the Y ( I understand why you do ) I think you are alienating your audience.

    • The blog does have more of an awareness of lgbt issues but it is by no means man hating or against heterosexual women. You are just used to everything being uber straight.

    • lol no. I have read EBG for literally seven years now and it’s pretty much like home to me. They are amazing, and if you feel personally victimised when the writers challenge the current oppressive systems in our society, it’s your problem, not theirs. I am a straight and I have never felt attacked; furthermore, I like coming here because I know I am not going to find misogyny or homophobia. Now shut up and go back to Perez Hilton or whatever.

      • We know Miree, you’re a bloody icon. But just remember, evilbeetdouche is the queen of comments and you never will be no matter how hard you suck up to whoever is writing these days. I don’t think anyone here really cares about about the sexual orientation a poster, as long as they write decent posts which Jennifer is clearly having a hard time doing because she’s an idiot with a mindless grudge on everyone. Wow I’m special too because I’ve been here forever too, like back when Sasha was the only one who posted and you’re lying to yourself if you think this blog hasn’t gone downhill since then. Seriously, if you think this blog “challenges oppressive systems in society” then you need to read an actual fucking post because it is oppressive as all hell and endorses the view that all women in hollywood are bitches no matter what they do. It’s basically the subject of 90% of posts. Misogyny is alive and well here whether it was intended or not.

      • I don’t care if anyone is straight , Bi , gay or trans .
        I just don’t like to read negative bitchy posts that tend to berate anyone with different sexuality to the poster.This is how most posts on EBG slant.

      • Thanks for that, mireee. Glad you’re still enjoying your time here. :)

        Listen, I by no means want to discourage traffic to the site in any form, but P1LL, you’ve been bitching for MONTHS about how much you hate it here, how awful I am, how terrible the writing is, etc… and yet here you are. Either you’re a masochist or a massive troll – maybe both simultaneously, who am I to judge? – either way, I’m astounded at your intelligence!! You’ve uncovered my top secret evil plot: down with straight people! I mean, I would DEFINITELY have written this Victoria Beckham post entirely differently if it wasn’t for the fact that she’s a yucky heterosexual. Blech!

        I’m rolling my eyes, but by all means, do stick around and keep bitching. You do it better than I ever could, despite your accusations otherwise.

  • I am sorry if you can not understand constructive criticism .
    I am just trying to let you know that some of the old time readers of this site do not want a feminist slant on everything you post. Try being unbiased for a change

  • I must stand with Jennifer on this one. This is no constructive criticism at all – just nagging of the worst sort. And if I wanted an unbiased opinion, I’d go check the News. Even then… :D Hi, Jennifer, I miss our discussions on the Trayvon Martin case!

  • Wow! I just come here to decompress from my hectic days..i enjoy the humour and dont take it seriously…..relax…if u don’t like what is said then dont come here..