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Surprise! Beyoncé Is A Diva and Acts Like One, Too

beyonce v festival

Y’all know I like Beyoncé – I don’t think she’s as mind-blowingly incredible as some people seem to, but I think she’s fierce and incredibly talented and most importantly, very hard-working. However, even though she’s earned the diva title doesn’t mean it’s cool for her to act like one, and that’s apparently exactly what she did at V Festival last weekend, according to Travis frontman Fran Healy.

From The Daily Record:

The Glasgow band were on the same bill as the Crazy In Love singer last weekend at the V fest and Fran says she turned parts of the backstage area into a no-go zone.

Fran protested: “Beyonce locked down the entire backstage area for an hour. Everyone was affected.

“You’d ask ‘Can I just go there?’ and they’d say ‘No. You can’t cross this little street’.

“Everyone was just following orders from the gang. I guess that’s how Americans do it but it’s not how we do it in the UK.

“She was headlining the main stage and was half an hour late.

“The whole area was cut off as if there had been a nuclear disaster.”

Yeah, that’s pretty obnoxious. And also LOL at the “that’s how Americans do it” comment. I feel like whenever anyone from America does anything shitty in the UK, they wonder if it’s an American custom – it really cracks me up.

More on topic, sounds like Beyoncé was kind of a dick. Matter of fact, I know she was – she refused to let V Festival live stream her performance even though they planned on broadcasting the whole festival for those who couldn’t be there. Girl, nobody was trying to see your ass (Glastonbury was enough for me) – I’m just mad I missed Jessie Ware, Ellie Goulding, Kendrick Lamar, Rudimental… you get the point.

Sounds like someone needs to be brought down a pegs.

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  • Are you surprised by these type of antics? All of the big name singers act like this! Christina, Mariah, Beyonce, Rhianna, Britney, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry etc… They all act like they should be treated like the goddamn queen of England just because they sing songs and sell a lot of records. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, and fire fighters SAVE LIVES. Teachers educate our youth, they spend time with each and every child as frustrating as it may be.. but they do it. Police protect citizens and risk their lives by being first responders it hostile situations. Yet these bitches get paid millions od dollars and like to pretend that what they do is more important than SING SONGS.

    The music business has always made me sick. Doctors are the only people who are adequately compensated and SOME nurses, as well. But they still deserve to make millions if you consider the type of work they do compared to these idiots. Shutting down backstage areas just because they are going to walk through real quick in a half hour.. what a fckin spoiled rotten, self centered bitch she is.They all think that by going to Africa once every few years to do “charity work”, aka view poor areas and stand around taking pictures, means they can treat everyone else likes shit bc they’ve already put in their time helping others. They don’t think this is normal everyday behavior because we are leas than them. They like to pretend that the love and respect their fans but in reality, if you aren’t poor as shit living in a third world country then you should be stepping aside and kissing their ass bc THEY SING SONGS.

    This is why I never act star struck or give actors and musicians any extra attention bc they don’t deserve it. Being famous is only being recognizable, that’s it. All they do is act in films or sing, WE give them the power they annoyingly wield. Norman Reedus hangs out at our parties at Monster Mania which is a horror convention he attends to sign autographs. He comes to our parties because I’m friends with the security so I guess he trusts that it won’t be too crazy and filled with adoring fans. I always just act like it’s bothig that he is there, barely even speaking to hom because fuck that. I refuse to make them feel special just because they are on tv..

  • Tons of typos-

    Millions of* dollars
    We are less* than them
    Like to pretend that they* love
    Act like it’s nothing*
    Barely even speaking to him*

  • Nobody should be surprised by her cunning behavior – sh really thinks she’s all that. After the super bowl fiasco; she was seen for what she is – ugly inside- and out. Afte that, she demanded to return all ‘unfavorable pics of her.

    Besides – look who she married – a man who sings always of ‘bitches, ho’s, n***as, killing someone…..etc incl a racist.

  • Oh please, “hard working.” Clearning ladies work hard. Dock workers. Nurses. Gimme a break. At her ticket prices she better be busting her a$$.