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So, What Do We Think Of Cheryl Cole’s New Ass Tattoo?

cheryl cole

Cheryl Cole is one of the most gorgeous women in the world, according to every survey ever taken on the subject. However, she’s also a woman known for her fucking terrible taste in tattoos, and this time, she’s really outdone herself. In an effort to, I dunno, cover up her former tramp stamp and RUIN HER ENTIRE ASS, she’s gone and covered it in some rose monstrosity that I just don’t know what to think about. Chezza, why? What possessed you?

Here’t the artwork in all its glory. Her tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado, who must’ve been pinching himself over getting to touch Cheryl Cole’s ass for 8 hours – posted the photo on his Instagram page and Cheryl’s been fielding the very vocal fan comments ever since:

cheryl cole tattoo

I mean, what? As a lover of Cheryl and Geordie women as a whole, I will stand by the Angel of the North. However, I will also block this from my memory and hope she keeps that thing well away from public view moving forward.

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  • I have to say the tattoo itself is pretty well done. The size and placement are pretty horrific.

  • Well, I saw the tattoo she had before, and while it was smaller, it was ridiculously tacky. I’d much rather have this on my body.

    • I personally rather like a girl with some tattoos on the back, chest, shoulders and a little else wear/ as long its not showing or not worth while to look at as I have never seen any’ of her other tattoos. I have to say roses on her ass looks hot and sexy, I like it very much I hope she goes for the sun shining on the roses as they are already open.

  • Yeah, but she didn’t have to cover her entire ass and have it extend upwards past the original tattoo and downwards to her thigh. It’s not like she’s really into tattoos either. I can see someone who really likes them and already has like, five or six, but this chick? She’s so wholesome and normal looking.. Tattoos used to be associated with punks, metal heads, convicts, and “low lives”, if you will. Just goes to show how trendy tattoos are becoming..

    • She’s got several tattoos, though. Five or six, like you said. And I don’t see what is wrong with tattoos becoming mainstream?? If anything I think it’s cool that they’re not so looked down on any more.

    • True, the cover up didn’t have to be that large. The rule is generally twice the size of the existing tattoo. However, it’s obviously what she wanted, and it’s quality work, so I don’t see an issue.

      I’m pretty “normal,” and I have around 16 or 17 tattoos. It’s seriously not that big of a deal.

  • This tattoo reflects more accurately the wearer than anything she says – it’s absolutely hideous!

    • And if your a man, I don’t think so but don’t want to be incorrect. But think for one minute, that does look sexy. It’s not anyway damaging or meaning anything bad. It’s very sexy with a women with a rose on each check. Man or female i’m not being anyway racist but/ that looks hot. You have to agree looking or dreaming about it looking at her ass, that does looks sexy. I’ m not being opini onated in any way or form or trying to start a fight. As a man or women looking at that. if she was your women that does look sexy. I would think not being gay or leisban I think it would look good on your ass to, again not being judgemental. Think about it, your womans or mans as, that does and I have to agree looks hot, on your women or man ass. You would have to agree blocking out the plastic surgrey,and think about it. It could’ve been something worse. I would say on either one of yours asses, that would look hot, and again both who ever you are not meaning anything, by it. But I bet you would look hot with it looking at your ass, and knowing was their.

  • that’s a damned shame. just a damned shame. Tattoo’ing has now become so over the top it’s almost like desecration of the human body – I know — it’s your body and it’s a canvas – but honestly — it’s a can’t go back decision — forever and ever and ever she will have that ridiculous thing on her ass.

    Like plastic surgery, we tend to lose sight of the adage that a little goes a long way.

    • momster if you are a female not being jugdemental but think for one min If you were to have this on your ass two roses ,one on each check and one above your checks on lower back. I think as a man being in love or casual partner, being with u nobody else saw it looking at it, I’m sure you are hot. That to me looks sexy on any woman.

      • And I’ m sure you are hot and an very good looking women. But inmadging for one moment, if you and I where together, and you had that on your ass. I would if by any chance not married, don’t want to affained anybody, but that would look hot on you knowing yuour my girl and I’ m looking at it at night, changing clothes or/ taking a shower. I’ M SURE YOU WOULD THINK IT’S TURNING YOUR MAN ON, EVEN me or your husband. I bet if you are married, you would ask before you got it, if it looked sexy. I think he would say yes, andf I know I would hgave if you had showed me a picture, and I would have said yes admanging you have agreat ass, no matter what your ass looks like, I think it would look sexy on your ass too.

      • Could you please learn to spell and write and then you can leave comments that are readable and make some sense. Are you older than 12?

  • obviously none of you have paid any attention to her at all…she has said many times that she would love to have her entire back tattooed. and that’s probably what this will be. sure, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but at least be respectful. it may not be something you would get-but that doesn’t mean its “hideous”

  • In the words of the Mcclads in Geordie GIrl,

    Tardy Lass Geordie girl,

    He gave her fags and pints and grub and shorts.

    Tardy Lass Geordie girl,

    She gave him earache and penal warts.

    Penal warts!?..

  • I really like it. If she’s going for a backpiece then it’s better to go with big images. It’s very well done.