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Billboard Boss Calls Out Lady GaGa On Her Sneaky, Chart Cheating Ways

lady gaga

Lady GaGa is in the struggle, man. Her new single, ‘Applause’, is being met with a lot of silence and not that great numbers – especially in comparison to Katy Perry‘s single ‘Roar’ (BECAUSE IT IS WAY BETTER) – and she’s sorta grasping at straws and doing whatever she can to find more success, even bribing fans to buy multiple copies of her single and shit.

In any case, the boss of Billboard, a guy named Bill Werde, has called GaGa out for her desperate measures. Basically, Billboard’s US Hot 100 has changed their charting measurements to include online streams. You click on a lyric or music video or an online stream (an official one, that is) and it gets counted. This is great, except when you’re Lady GaGa and you start begging your fans to watch your video repeatedly and retweet to their followers so that they can do the same and your numbers can be inflated.

Word. Of course, the Little Monsters were there to retaliate, with some even sending him DEATH THREATS for daring to speak against Mother Monster:

Lady GaGa is losing her… whatever. Influence? Fame? Popularity? And she’s desperate to get it back and would resort to cheating to get there if it came down to it, I think. Also, her fans are THE WORST. (On the plus side, Bill did say that many were really nice/respectful.)

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  • My mind goes blank when that stupid ad comes on whenever I open an article. Now, what the beep was I going to say? “I cut my own bangs….” LOL. Um, okay…..

    GaGa’s minions of mindless monsters used to bully other celebs and anyone GaGa doesn’t “like”……how old are these monsters? Do they cut their own bangs?

  • This is pure insanity! In the space of a career, no one gets to be on top all of the time. I’m sure even Madonna had her share of relative hit misses and sales drops.

    Gaga is in the fucking top 5 or 10! That’s still a major accomplishment. Most artist would be thrilled by that.

    Christ, she needs to take a chill pill.

  • I mean, if getting your 15 minutes of fame is coming down to gladiator tactics like this, then we really have to look at the decline in what our civilization is coming to.