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Robin Thicke Thinks He’s a Feminist Now


Robin Thicke is a hot mess and I wouldn’t have sex with him if he was the last human on earth, but at least he thinks he’s hot shit and has a handle on women and feminism. That’s right, ladies and gents – ‘Blurred Lines’, which tells women how much they want it and not to deny their love of The D, is totally a feminist anthem! Yeah, okay.

From the TODAY show:

“When we made the song, we had nothing but the most respect for women and – my wife, I’ve been with the same woman since I was a teenager.”

“So for us, we were just trying to make a funny song and sometimes the lyrics get misconstrued when you’re just trying to put people on the dance floor and have a good time, but we had no idea it would stir this much controversy.

I love that his argument for not being a misogynist is that he’s been married for years. Get that memo, guys? If you’re married, you can’t possibly be a misogynist! We should all listen to Robin – he’s a true artist. Almost like a member of The Beatles!

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  • Urgh, I cannot wait until he goes away. Meanwhile I’ll be listening to Robyn. Much better.

  • What a dork! A talentless one together with his tranny of a wife, Paula Patton. They have an open marriage, he likes to watch Paula have sex with women, while, he on the other hand, cheats whenever possible. All he “sings” about is sex. He should thank his father for being famous, otherwise noone would look twice at him, let alone listen to his “music”. There is even a sex tape with them and some 3rd woman or so and they are trying hard to stop it from being on the market….

    • You may not like him but he has been singing soulful ballads for years. Relax….he is actually very talented(listen to his music.). You don’t like what you see as sexist material. Why don’t you ask the naked women why they were ok with bouncing around?

  • Does Thicke thinks he’s a good-looking Simon Cowell or satan? Probably just a minor demon. Unless you are a young man who is in fact Just Barely a man and you still have not yet gained full access to your brain power but have your hand in fact full throttle on an earlier, primary source of shall we say inspiration which drives your life – you can see from the “number one” rating of blurredlines that Luciferians and the lost, the greedy and lascivious, those men who walk about stinking of territorial pissings and child molestations — are who is running the show now.